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Community unites at prayer vigil

| June 4, 2020

Area pastors and members of the community came together for a prayer vigil at Coshocton Church of the Nazarene Tuesday evening, June 2. Beginning with songs for encouragement about love, peace and healing, Pastor Dave Boots gave an invitation for anyone who wanted to pray to come up.

“We’re outside. It’s a beautiful night,” he said. “We need to fall on our faces in repentance asking for revival. Asking Jesus to pour out a heart of love and restoration and wash away all of this hate.”

“Our country is so broken over the news of George Floyd that the only way to help is to pray. We’re praying for his family, our nation, community, and police officers. We need reconciliation. God wants his people to pray. Tonight, let’s think about those thoughts. Tonight, we place our full trust in You, Lord. Pray for our nation to listen and understand. Everyone is invited to come up and pray. Pray for healing and peace. God wants us to pray.”

Dawn Boots, the pastor wife offered up prayer for police officers and all people.

“God told us all these things would happen,” she said. “Help us to understand. Everything will come to pass like You said it would. Cover Your people and keep them safe under the shadow of your wings. Give us the heart to trust You.”

Pastor Joe Sanders from the First Baptist Church spoke in reference to Isaiah 59 comparing it to the times we are living in. In the world we live in today we see a lack of justice, sin, misery and destruction. It doesn’t see police as a place of protection. Nobody is going to save you. God says, I am the redeemer. He is the one who is going to rescue us.”

“Just like the day of Pentecost in Acts II all people came together,” Boots said. “Jesus is no respecter of persons. Reach out to someone and that person can reach out to someone else. That’s how it starts. Revival in our land. We can effect change in our neighborhood, our community, wherever we go, pour out your spirit of love. Unite us in our country as it is in Heaven. Bring some healing to this land and trust the Lord.”

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