Mark’s Musings – October 16, 2019

| October 16, 2019

Mark Fortune

The weather is finally changing more to my liking – although I did find myself not wondering anymore why folks make the trip south for the winter as my feet are colder than they should be. And I am not talking about the winter temperatures that we are sure to encounter in a couple of months – I am referring to the cooler evenings and the memories of 90 degree days. That’s where I want those 90 degree days kept – in the memories. We had enough of those days this year.

For many people in Coshocton County and beyond, this weekend marks the high water mark of fall with the Apple Butter Stirrin’ at Roscoe Village and the Fall Farm Foliage Tour. It does make for a terrific opportunity to enjoy the crisp autumn air, the crunching of leaves underfoot – provided that some leaves have fallen – and some delicious apple cider – hot or cold. We will leave how you “spice up” your cider to your personal preference.

What’s the deal with college football games on Friday night? You all know that the Buckeyes are gearing up for a battle with Northwestern this Friday night, right? I imagine high schools are really appreciative of this move – and who knows if it is a permanent thing or just a trial balloon being sent up by the NCAA to make more money. Colleges already play on Thursday and Saturday – the NFL occupies Sunday, Monday night and several Thursdays throughout the season. Can we leave Friday nights for high school football?

The Buckeyes retained the number four spot in the college football rankings with Wisconsin and Penn State hot on their heels in the number six and seven spots, respectively. The Buckeyes take on Wisconsin on Oct. 26 and Penn State on Nov. 23 – the week before the game with that team up north. Both games are at the ‘Shoe. Provided all three are still undefeated – these two games loom large for all three teams – and that could be an understatement this season.

The Three Rivers Bridge project continues to move right along and with the lack of rain during September some terrific progress was made. This will be really sweet when it is done with a lot of folks to be thanked. This bridge project, combined with several needed streets that are now repaved, and the new sidewalks, give people a more favorable image of our community and that we are making things happen.

Dare I even bring up the Browns? They had the Seahawks right where they wanted them but too many mistakes against a talented quarterback like Wilson is going to leave you on the disappointing side of the scoreboard. The positive is that the  Browns did make things happen on offense and the second half of the season is not near as challenging as the first half – but – to make the playoffs, you still gotta win.

Looks like I was wrong on the Dodgers – and vastly underestimated the Nationals – at least at this point. Let’s recalculate because we can – Yankees will represent the American League and I am going out on a limb here – if the Cardinals get the bats going they can come back and win – if not the Nationals will be in and if that happens, the Yankees will win another World Series.

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