10 cheap and easy things to do prior to listing your home for sale

| May 10, 2019

1) Clean thoroughly and get organized! As buyers are exploring your home they are opening cabinets, closet doors etc. Be sure to thoroughly organize your possessions and in doing so your space will really show at its fullest potential.

2) Create a sense of openness. By simply repositioning furniture or getting rid of some pieces, you can really allow your space to feel larger and more open.

3) If it’s smaller then the size of a grapefruit and doesn’t serve an everyday purpose, get rid of it! Sometimes buyers have a difficult time looking past your stuff and seeing the house for all it offers.

4) Limit the items sitting atop any surface to three things whether it be, your kitchen countertop, coffee tables or end tables.

5) Beware of strong odors, bad ones and strong ones. Avoid trying to mask the smell with air fresheners or candles. Often these smells can be equally offensive.

6) Maintain the appearance of your yard and walkways. Take the time to remove dead tree limbs, rake leaves and clean out flower beds. You will also create a good first impression if you power wash the exterior of your home, replace any light bulbs that have become burnt out and put a fresh coat of paint where needed.

7) Clean the gutters and check the roof. A majority of buyers will have a home inspection and if you can get ahead of any drainage or leak issues, you’re likely to save time and money.

8) Service your heating system. Having a professional clean the system will prevent any smell like dust. If you have baseboard heaters take the time to vacuum those out too.

9) Wash your windows!

10) De-personalize your home. Remove a majority of your family photos. Buyers can become distracted when scanning the pictures displayed throughout your home.

Editor’s note: These tips were submitted by the Coshocton County Board of Realtors. For more information, visit https://homecoin.com/realtors/coshocton-county-board-of-realtors.

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