15th annual meet the candidates’ night held at CCCC

| October 11, 2019

COSHOCTON – Breanne Smith, co-chair for the 15th annual meet the candidates’ night, remembers coming to the first one held. “I was 19 and my dad was running for school board. I spoke for him that night – I never dreamed that 15 years later, I would be working behind the scenes at the same event.”

Emily McBurney, also co-chair of the event, said, “This event is about informing the community of who is on the ballot – of putting faces to the names they see on signs all over. This gives people a chance to hear what they care about and what they want to change about the community.”

The event was held on Oct. 10, at the Coshocton County Career Center and was co-sponsored by the Coshocton Business and Professional Women and the Coshocton County Farm Bureau. A large crowd gathered to hear about the issues that will be on the ballot on Nov. 5 and to learn more about the candidates. Many in the crowd were especially interested in the race for the Mayor of Coshocton.

Mayor Steve Mercer is very proud of the regionalization of the water system, especially to West Lafayette. “This is has been a vision for many years and it’s finally happening.” He also shared that he wants to get water to other areas. “We need to get water and sewer to potential development sites.” The riverfront walking and bike path is another project he is proud of. “We have new, safer sidewalks on Second Street, now.”

“We are still pursuing a vision for a better Coshocton. We need to reinvent who we are – a progressive community with successful tourism and industrial background.”  Mercer also believes that outdoor opportunities need to continue to be developed, as Coshocton is very popular with hunters. “We have tremendous outdoor opportunities here.”

Mayoral Candidate Mark Mills has a vision for Coshocton, too. “I see a community where everyone wins – where we create opportunities by focusing on business and educational opportunities. A community where everyone helps each other out.” Mills wants to see a change in the mind-set of the city – from a “poor us” attitude to “look at us.” This is the first thing he would like to see changed, if he is elected. “We can do anything we put our minds to.”

Mills would like to see people cleaning up properties and helping neighbors. “If we want anything to come to us, we need a good appearance.” He plans to search out opportunities instead of waiting for them to come to Coshocton. His vision for Coshocton includes Main Street full of businesses and to get rid of the drug problem. “It’s time to push Coshocton forward.”

During the event, each candidate was given time to speak and the candidates for mayor and city council were also asked questions by the moderator of the evening, Ken Smailes.

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