16th annual Coshocton Clean Up held

| April 19, 2021

Girl Scout Troop 8169 volunteered to help clean up downtown. (Jen Jones)

Despite the chilly morning, residents turned out to help clean up Coshocton on April 17. Groups of scouts, co-workers, and first responders were among the many who volunteered to pick up trash around the city and other areas of the county.

Lyn Mizer, executive director of the United Way, said that many groups don’t meet at the court square to sign in. “We have groups that just go to the area that they want to clean up. There are usually about 100 people that sign in. We assign areas to people that meet here – keeping the high traffic areas for adults for safety reasons.”

Nathan Gibson and his children, Adalyn and Zeke, were among the volunteers who worked to Clean Up Coshocton on April 17. (Jen Jones)

Nathan Gibson, of Gibson Interior Painting, brought his young children to help. “I try to give back to the community as much as I can, and the kids love to help. I want to show them it’s important to help others and give back.” Adalyn, 4, said she was going to help “Because I like helping. I help my mom.” When her little brother, Zeke, 2, was asked what he was going to do, he replied in his toughest voice “trash!”

Donna Carpenter from the Coshocton County EMS was also there to help. “I just think it’s important for the community to get involved to keep Coshocton clean.” She and several members of the Jackson Township Fire Department were among the first responders to help that day.

“I love to be part of a project that brings people together to accomplish something more than we can each do alone. The number of people that help – it speaks to how many people love Coshocton,” said Mizer.

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