2015 county-wide reappraisal begins

| October 28, 2013

COSHOCTON – Coshocton County Auditor Christine Sycks announced that the next county-wide Reappraisal for Coshocton County will be for tax year 2015, payable in 2016. Work on this project has already begun. One of the statutory duties of the County Auditor is to ensure that all properties are assessed with a fair market value for tax purposes.

“Ohio Law and the Ohio Department of Taxation require county auditor’s office to view and appraise every parcel of real estate at least once every six years,” said Sycks. “This requires our office to view, collect and enter property information that contributes to the property’s value.”

A contract has been signed with Tyler-Technologies out of Moraine, Ohio, to do the reappraisal work, alongside Wesley Tubbs, County Chief Appraiser, and Jarrod Tipton, Appraiser. Every parcel in the county will be viewed, first electronically and then physically, throughout the two-year process.

The first step for the reappraisal will be for the appraisal company to send out mailers to the owners of all residential and agricultural properties with buildings on them. These mailers, showing what the county currently has on record, were mailed on Oct. 25. Property owners should carefully review the information and let the Auditor’s Office know about any changes, additions, or deletions that need to be made to make the record accurate.

If the record is correct, no action is necessary.

The appraisers will enter any changes reported by the owners into the data. This will give them a good, accurate record to use when they go into the field.

“With the help of the educational materials available on our website, homeowners will have greater access to, and a better understanding of, the procedures taken to determine real estate valuation,” said Sycks.

A link to a program, entitled Your Home. Your Value. and developed with the assistance of the County Auditor’s Association of Ohio, will be available as well as a link to an informative video describing the process.  In addition, homeowners can visit the auditor’s website for answers to view the status of the project and other pertinent information. To learn more about the reappraisal process, visit the County Auditor’s website at http://www.coshoctoncounty.net/agency/auditor/ and click on the 2015 Reappraisal tab.




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