A statistic is a statistic is just a statistic

| August 18, 2022

I dare ya to say that three times real fast – in fact, I double dog dare ya! Yes, I know. That is a breach of etiquette and of course, I know how to spell “you.” I just chose the shorter option.

I am referring to the most recent statistics posted on inflation – they are telling us that “it moved lower than expected,” and some other such nonsense. This is my take on it – above 8% inflation is still way too high. When I see what we spend on groceries for two people, I can’t imagine what it might cost for a family of four or six. My spouse says, “well, the last time I bought such and such item it cost this, and now it cost this. . . typically that amount is 50 cents higher or something like that. Yes, she knows this stuff as I imagine do most moms. And dads for that matter. Yes, on the positive, fuel prices have come down. But most folks spend more on food than on gasoline. Most. A truck driver could be different.

I am just trying to cover all the bases here. They – meaning the government – or whomever spews all this data our way – are doing their job in letting us know the numbers – but when you’re standing in the grocery line that is the real world. Keep in mind that the term “Core Inflation” is different than the “Consumer Price Index.” None of that really matters though when a dozen eggs have increased a bunch over last year.

Enough of this gibberish. It’s almost time for another year of school to start, football and the fall sports seasons are almost here – with high school golf already in, well, full swing. And locally, the third Sunday in August can only mean one thing – the annual G.A.R. bean dinner in Newcastle!! Let’s hope the weather cooperates as it usually does.

Speaking of the weather – what happened to those 90-degree days that August is famous for? This week’s weather is going to be in the very comfy 80s during the day and dipping down into the 50s at night. Is this September? Nope. You know what the hot temperatures are waiting for don’t you? School to start!

The weekend rain was surely a positive event for area farmers – and all the outdoor fall athletes and marching band members will appreciate the relief from the normal hot August temperatures this week. As we rapidly approach the end of another month and head toward September – you may find yourself wondering – where did the past eight months go? I wonder myself.

Further, we are now only two weeks away from the Buckeyes season opener – against the Fighting Irish on Sept. 3 at 7:30 p.m. As you already know, the conference is changing in a couple of years with the addition of the west coast teams from California. This will be interesting.

It will also be an interesting year in Cleveland. That is probably the understatement of the year.

Coshocton continues to move forward, things are happening and they are positive!

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