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Anglin awards top choir Olympian in interval training project

| March 23, 2018

Augusta Kinzel and Annie Bosson won second and first place respectively in the Olympic Interval Training project in the choir at River View High School. Bosson also won the Golden Pineapple Award for having the highest percentage of the two choirs combined.

WARSAW – The top three students in each choir at River View High School, under the direction of Dawn Anglin, were recognized on Thursday, March 22 before choir rehearsal for their achievements in the Olympic Interval Training project, a six-week course that ran from Feb. 2 through March 9.

“This was an attempt to push the choir students to develop a better inner-ear for singing,” said Anglin. “Since the winter Olympics were this year, we decided to incorporate the whole concept of being an Olympian.”

The students were required to download an ear training application of their choice to their home computer or personal device such as Ear Trainer, Perfect Ear, The Ear Gym, Ear Master, etc. Students had to complete interval training five days a week and track their project on an Olympic Interval Data Form. An Olympian of the Week was recognized each week.

“Basically, they had to use the app to improve accuracy of identifying intervals,” said Anglin. “Within choir, all the students are group-minded, so it’s hard to motivate them as an individual. This required them to push themselves and have results linked to their own abilities.”

In the concert choir, first place went to Connor Stevens-Woolery, second went to Jonathon Lyons, and third went to Maryann Lozowski.

“It helped me determine whether or not a different interval was in major or minor,” said Stevens-Woolery. “It helped me a lot.”

“It definitely helped me distinguish different intervals,” said Lyons. “Like how high I was going up or how low.”

“I feel like most of us have a musical background,” said Lozowski. “It’s improved how I read music in band and choir. If you want to try music, go for it. It helps in school and with life skills.”

The Olympic gold medalist in each choir received a $20 gift card for a fast food restaurant of their choice, silver medalist received a pan of brownies, and bronze medalist received a giant candy bar of their choice.

In the chamber choir, first place went to Annie Bosson, second place went to Augusta Kinzel, and third place went to Kelsey Newell.

Bosson also received the Golden Pineapple Award because she had the highest percentage in both choirs.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Bosson. “I didn’t really think I was going to be it because I thought I’ll just do my best and see how it comes out.”

“I’m really surprised,” said Kinzel. “I was not expecting it at all. When I first started, I started out as a bronze and somehow I made it.”

The River View choirs will present a spring concert on May 10 at 7 p.m. at the high school.

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