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| August 3, 2015
Face painting: McKenna Collins is pictured painting a kitty on 8-year-old Angel Kidd at the annual meeting of members for the Frontier Propane and Frontier Power Company held at River View High School on Friday evening, July 31. Beacon photo by Mark Fortune

Face painting: McKenna Collins is pictured painting a kitty on 8-year-old Angel Kidd at the annual meeting of members for the Frontier Propane and Frontier Power Company held at River View High School on Friday evening, July 31. Beacon photo by Mark Fortune

WARSAW – The 2015 annual meeting of members of The Frontier Propane and The Frontier Power Company was held on Friday evening, July 31 at River View High School with nearly 800 guests enjoying grilled hot dogs, cheese, chips, beverages and Whit’s frozen custard.

Following the meal, Mike Hemmelgarn, a comedy juggler and ventriloquist entertained the crowd in the RV auditorium with his acts of juggling and “characters,” including having volunteers from the audience help on stage to the delight of everyone.

Kelly Kendall, who is the manager of administration and office services for the company, said, “It’s a very nice crowd. I think people enjoy the gathering, seeing people maybe just once a year that they don’t see. People do get $10 off their propane or electric bill for being here so there is an incentive to come but I think it’s just for the fellowship mostly. I think people enjoy getting together.”

Kendall said about the weather this year, “We’ve been very fortunate. The storms have not caused us many problems – we actually sent a crew a couple of weeks ago down to Kentucky to help another co-op that was in trouble. We’ve been very good outage wise, we’ve been able to get our work done. Even with the rain there is always work that we can do. Propane is still good, people still need propane, they need their grill tank filled and things like that.”

In talking about the overall company, “Of course, we also still have Whit’s and Progressive Water so everyone has been doing well,” said Kendall. “We start out in May with our customer appreciation day and that is open to anyone in the community. Then we have the Hot Air Balloon Festival that we sponsor in June, then the annual meeting in July and we go right into the Tuscarawas County Fair in September, the Coshocton County Fair in October and it all starts over.

“As long as we have the cooperation of our members, things go well and based on the attendance this evening, we have to be pleased with that,” said Kendall.

Robert E. Wise serves as the president of the board of trustees for both Frontier Propane and The Frontier Power Company and presided over the meetings. Steve Nelson serves as the general manager of both companies.

The meeting of The Frontier Propane Company was called to order with the company reporting that they have 3,302 tanks in place and that the “response has far exceeded their expectations” for the 16 year old company.

The 79th meeting of the members of The Frontier Power Company was then called to order by President Wise with the company stating that they strive for quality service and competitive rates. The company maintains 1,500 miles of power lines with a goal of replacing 20 miles of line per year that was built in the 1940s.

The company has 9,200 meters in rural parts of seven counties. Good, hard working individuals and good leadership is the key to the company’s success with the biggest issue facing the company being new EPA regulations. Wise said, “Your presence is important in these matters.”

President and CEO of the Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives Patrick O’Loughlin reported that, “This works best when everyone does their part and that the power supply is cleaner than it has ever been with emissions down 90 percent from where they were in the 1990s.”

Consumers have enjoyed four years of flat rates which is “quite an accomplishment,” and that the biggest threat is an over reaching EPA which “continues to push for more regulations if they are allowed to be put in place,” said O’Loughlin, “We are advocating for common sense regulations and are working with national and other co-ops and we are well positioned to provide electric for the future.”

A survey using applause determined that the $10 credit on the next bill was a key reason for attendance at the meeting with the meal, seeing friends, door prizes, Whit’s and the entertainment also high on the list.

Attorney Mike Manning delivered the results of the election and the oath of office to the Board of Trustees for Frontier Propane and Frontier Power with James Buxton II, David P. Mizer and Tim Anderson being elected for Frontier Power and Jim Buehler and Robert Wise elected on the Propane side.

General Manager Steve Nelson then gave a slide presentation showing pieces of new equipment being used including the installation of several new ductile poles being produced at Coshocton’s McWane Pole, employee photos and their role and years of service with the company.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, door prizes were handed out to lucky individuals.

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