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Anything Goes Speakeasy Party to raise funds

| February 14, 2013

COSHOCTON – Enter into a world of mobsters, flappers, family wars and revelry…and don’t forget the backroom gambling, live music, “Bathtub Gin” and swell eats. It’s all the glamour and intrigue of the 1920s without the smoking Tommy guns and sticky blood.  The Anything Goes Speakeasy Party will be erupting at 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum. Think Scarface, The Untouchables, and Boardwalk Empire—the days of prohibition, Mafia wars, great cars and the stories of the rich and glamorous riding the wave of the Great Depression.

Party-goers will enter through the backdoor, but only after whispering the secret password to the bouncer. Once you enter, no real names will be allowed. Come with an alias or you’ll be given one…with a family affiliation. 1920s’ attire is encouraged with a prize going to the best-dressed Sheba and Sheik. What no fedora or low-waisted dress in your closet? Ritzy, sexy or simply the cat’s meow works, too. You will be part of the action as one mob family goads another and every big cheese tests you to see if you are hard boiled or a pushover, a flat tire or cat’s meow. You’ll also want to carry a few extra clams—better to pay off the coppers than spend the night in the slammer.

Hi-Fi Rendezvous will be playing throughout the evening, and a small dance floor will be carved out for those who want to swing. Compete in the Charleston to win a free drink. Another area will be set aside for gambling. Chips may be purchased with real money or Mafia money that is handed out as pay-offs, bribes and awards throughout the evening. Win enough chips to purchase raffle tickets for swanky prizes. A cash bar will offer, wine, beer and cocktails. Don’t forget, this is the time of bathtub gin and bootleg bourbon, often cloaked in a china teacup.

The Anything Goes Speakeasy Party is a fundraising event for the Coshocton Footlight Players and Friends of the Museum. Advanced tickets are $12; at the door, $15. Purchase your tickets by phone or stop by the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum, located at 300 N. Whitewoman St. For information, contact the museum at 740-622-8710.

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