As if we didn’t have enough issues to divide

| March 11, 2021

I had to look it up. I really did. I’ve been hearing all this fuss about the Dr. Seuss books – and finally found the time to do some research. Six of the famed author’s books are being pulled because of racial images – and while I’m not going to list all six here – one of the books is “And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street.” I believe we have a copy of that book – we’ll sell it to you for a premium price – of course.

I’m not going to use up valuable space and ink to debate the right or wrong of this move – which, by the way, is being made by Dr. Seuss Enterprises themselves after taking feedback from teachers, academics and specialists. I wonder if those folks got paid to do this? I would have happily participated – I like Dr. Seuss books.

If this is the direction that we are going – and it appears that we are right now – I wonder where this puts all of those iconic World War Two posters that certainly did not shed leaders of the Axis nations in a favorable light. You know, Japan, Germany and Italy. Who knows how Russia’s leader – Joseph Stalin – was portrayed in those posters? You can research that yourself for a mini history lesson.

The record 1.9 trillion COVID relief bill payments should be on the way soon – some will start receiving their direct deposit as early as this weekend and next week, according to several sources. Was there a better way to do this? What all was wrapped up in the bill? Does everyone need this money? No, of course not. Why can’t the U.S. government figure out, based on tax returns, who really needs the money – who needs more, who needs less, who needs none at all?

The government is counting on people to spend this money – and many will. Others will save it for a “rainy day” or a future need. As long as enough people spend, it should provide a bump in the economy and create some jobs. Will it impact the right categories of business? Many products are hard to get now – will this make it even more difficult? What will the impact be on inflation? Your guess is as good as mine on all of this. I think we need to “wait and see.”

The Buckeyes are on a four-game slide as I write this on Monday. Keep in mind that those four losses come against Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Michigan State. The Illini are looking at a number one seed in the big dance based on their win over the Buckeyes. The Big10 tournament is this week with selection Sunday, well, on Sunday. The Buckeyes typically play well in the conference tournament and then it comes down to matchups – who you play in that second round can determine your making it to the third and fourth round.

Spring will be less than 10 days away when you read this week’s issue of The Beacon! Finally. The grass is showing a tinge of green; the robins are appearing and soon it will be time to prepare your garden! Writing this has made me hungry – time for some green eggs and ham!

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