Awana activities available throughout Coshocton County

| March 20, 2018

COSHOCTON COUNTY – Many people don’t know that Awana is a worldwide ministry that is committed to reaching children to help them know, serve and love God. The program’s mission is to reach kids, equip leaders and change the world.  This wonderful program is offered at many churches in Coshocton County.

Often, Awana meetings are held on Wednesday evenings, usually for about 90 minutes. While each church may offer different activities, they tend to follow Awana’s program of small group activities (by age), large group and games. Some offer snacks or meals. Each evening, the children learn a Bible lesson through stories, fun and crafts.

The First Baptist Church in West Lafayette holds their Awana meetings on Sunday evening. Melony Evans, Awana coordinator, said, “Because of sports and other activities, we found that Sunday works best for our program.” When asked why she felt an evening program was important for children, Evans said when she was growing up, her mom was always involved with church clubs for children and she wanted to continue that work. “We want to keep kids engaged in God and have fun while they learn.”

One of the children was excited about the Awana Grand Prix that will be held at the church on Saturday, March 24 at 10 a.m. Car kits are available and registration can be completed by calling the church office at 740-545-7864.

The Fresno Bible Church is a Wednesday night option for families. They offer classes from nursery age through sixth grade for Awana and also a youth group for teens in junior and senior high school. Awana runs from September through April, but the church believes that children’s programming is so important that they also offer a summer program called Bible Blast.

Chris Cutshall, senior pastor of the Fresno Bible Church, said, “You can bring your child any time. We register each week and we would enjoy meeting new friends.  Our church embraces visitors and guests and everyone is welcome.” Cutshall said their Awana program is very energetic and fun for all of the children. The church has had a children’s program as long as he can remember. “We love our kids.  Awana is a fun, exciting discipleship for children.”

Chili Crossroads Bible Church holds their Awana meetings on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Children aged 0-18 are welcome, but under 2 must have an adult with them. Their program offers Bible lessons, Bible memory, games, prizes and snacks. There is a fee for the year to cover t-shirts and supplies, but if a family can’t afford the fee, the church will waive it. According to their website, they want “every child to benefit from this awesome program and enjoy it every Wednesday.”

When asked why he thought evening programs were important for children, Pastor Neal Dearyan, of the Chili Crossroads Bible Church, said, “Because kids need to have time for the Word of God given to them in an exciting and age friendly way.  Plus, they memorize hundreds of verses a year. This brings Scripture into their hearts so it can affect the rest of their lives.”

According to, 92 percent of Awana alumni still attend church regularly and about 70 percent say they witness to friends or family at least once a month.  Also, alumni are almost four times as likely to read their Bible weekly. All of the local churches welcome new children and registration is usually completed the night the child attends.

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