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Bakersville Homecoming weekend draws crowds and tractors

| August 19, 2013

BAKERSVILLE – The Bakersville Homecoming started on Aug. 9, with the successful chicken barbecue. All 1,000 halves were sold out. The antique tractor pull had 159 pullers and lasted until 1:45 a.m. Winners are given below in all 27 classes. A brief memorial service also was held for eight local residents connected with the pull or Bakersville Fire Department and park. After announcer Larry Stahl gave a brief talk about each of the deceased, Ken Smailes gave a talk on Bakersville Homecoming history, Bakersville’s heritage and asked for a moment of silence in honor of the deceased. The park which was loud with the roaring of tractors and the sounds of the crowd of 400 people was silent as the wind blew the flag of the United States. It is a moment all will remember.

Winners of the 30th antique tractor pull are as follows:


Class A 2750#                                   

1. John Parks, Newcomerstown

2. Neal Cole, Dover

3. Laci Beitzel, Stonecreek

4. Bryan Olinger, Baltic

5. Ron Gauding, Bolivar

Class C 3000#                                   

1. Ron Gauding, Bolivar

2. John Parks, Newcomerstown

3. Laci Beitzel, Stonecreek

4. Bryan Olinger, Baltic

Class F 3200#                                    

1. Ron Gauding, Bolivar

2. Cory Allen, Scio

3. Keith Mizer, Mineral City

4. Shena Nichols, West Lafayette

Class I 3800#                                    

1. Ron Gauding, Bolivar

2. Raymond Rich, Coshocton

3. Justin Cole, Dover

4. Tyler Hambleton, Scio

5. Leon Yoder, Stonecreek

Class L 4500#                                               

1. Ron Gauding, Bolivar

2. Tyler Hambleton, Scio

3. Raymond Rich, Coshocton

4. Rick Beitzel, Stonecreek

5. Kevin Dennis, Newcomerstown

Class O 5500#                                   

1. Ryder Triplett, Uhrichsville

2. Clark Mutti, Stonecreek

3. Woody Beitzel, Stonecreek

4. Kyle Olinger, Fresno

5. Kevin Dennis, Newcomerstown

Class R 6500#                                               

1. Rick Beitzel, Stonecreek

2. Hank Braniger, Newcomerstown

3. Clark Mutti, Stonecreek

4. Brock Daugherty, Uhrichsville

5. Mac Cunningham, Newc.

Class U 7500#                                   

1. Tyler Hostetler, Newc.

2. Ryder Triplett, Uhrichsville

3. Clark Mutti, Stonecreek

4. Duane Warren, Fresno

5. Hank Braniger, Newcomerstown

Class X 8500#                                   

1. Tyler Hostetler, Newcomerstown

2. Hank Braniger, Newcomerstown

3. Duane Warren, Fresno

4. Kris Huff, Bakersville

5. Tom Foust, Dover

Class AA 9000#

1. Duane Warren, Fresno

2. Tom Foust, Dover


Class B 2750#                                   

1. Vernon Mizer, Fresno

2. Kate Beitzel, Stonecreek

Class D 3000#                           

1. Kate Beitzel, Stonecreek

2. Vernon Mizer, Fresno

3. Eric Everett, Gnadenhutten

Class G 3200#

1. Vernon Mizer, Fresno

2. Eric Everett, Gnadenhutten

3. Dick Frey, Gnadenhutten

Class J 3800#                            

1. Cody Gray, West Lafayette

2. Tom Braniger, Kimbolton

Class M 4500#

1. Ron Gauding, Bolivar

2. Tom Braniger, Kimbolton

3. Chris Everhart, W. Lafayette

4. Ben Ridenour, Stonecreek

5. Carl Everhart, Fresno

Class P 5500#                            

1. Wendell Everett, Gnad.

2. Kasey King, Coshocton

3. Carl Everhart, Fresno

4. Tom Braniger, Kimbolton

5. Justin Hurst, Midvale

Class S 6500#

1. Carl Everhart, Fresno

2. Kasey King, Coshocton

3. Keith McLean, Amsterdam

4. Brock Daugherty, Uhrich.

5. Zach Berger, Baltic

Class V 7500#                           

1. Brock Daugherty, Uhrich.

2. Keith McLean, Amsterdam

3. Zach Berger, Baltic

4. Austin Zinkon, Sugarcreek

Class Y 8500#

1. Austin Zinkon, Sugarcreek

2. Ryder Triplett, Uhrichsville

3. Randy Berger, Baltic


Class E 3000#

1. Woody Beitzel, Stonecreek

Class H 3500#

1. Larry Sauder, Mansfield

2. Gary Jones, Ravenna

3. Art Williams, Mansfield

4. Ian Murphy, Pleasant City

5. Ron Brokaw, Bellville

Class K 4000#

1. Larry Sauder, Mansfield

2. Ian Murphy, Pleasant City

3. Ron Brokaw, Bellville

4. Gary Jones, Ravenna

5. Art Williams, Mansfield

Class N 4500#

1. Brandon Rose, Quaker City

2. Andrew Beitzel, Dundee

3. Art Williams, Mansfield

4. Larry Sauder, Mansfield

5. Ron Brokaw, Bellville

Class Q 5500#

1. Brandon Rose, Quaker City

2. Chris Beitzel, Dundee

3. Garth Lahna, Bakersville

Class T 6500#

1. Ivan Rose, Quaker City

2. Todd Spillman, Zoar

3. Matt Beitzel, Stonecreek

4. Scott Spillman, Zoar

5. Mike Braniger, Newcomerstown

Class W 7500#

1. Todd Spillman, Zoar

2. Scott Spillman, Zoar

3. Mike Braniger, Newcomerstown

Class Z 8500#

1. Mike Braniger, Newcomerstown

Saturday morning started with breakfast at 7 a.m. and then more tractor pulling and good eats.

The stoneboat pulls on Saturday and Sunday had a total of 175 pullers in five classes.

Winners are:


1. Chris Everhart

2. Eric Everett

3. Eric Deibel

4. David Everett

5. Dustin Westhoefer


1. Neil Everett

2. Matt Beitzel

3.Todd Everett

4. Heath Myers

5. Heath Deibel


1. Neil Everett

2. Brenda Everett

3. David Everett

4. Christian Deibel

5. Jon Lahna


1. Wendell Everett

2. Todd Everett

3. Brendon Miller

4. Garth Lahna

5. Cody Westhoefer


1. Todd Everett

2. Ben Ridenour

3. Eric Everett

4. David Everett

5. Nathan Stachler

The puller of the year trophy, donated in memory of Carlos Lahna and Lewis Lahna went to Zach Berger. Nathan Stachler came the farthest distance, all the way from Kindred, N.D. As in previous years, the pulls lasted well into the night.

For the children, the Ridgewood FFA Alumni Association held a Kiddie Pedal Pull on Saturday. The winners were Gavyne Ott, Class One; Addison Lahmers, Class Two; Jiullian Borter, Class Three; Mason Mizer, Class Four; and Dennis Borter, Class Five.

The pull committee will be putting on a benefit pull for Zach Berger at the pulling arena on Saturday, Aug. 31. It will be a stoneboat pull with five weight classes. A story on this will be in an upcoming edition of the Beacon.

A tradition going back to the first homecoming in 1948 is the community church service which is held on Sunday morning in the picnic shelter. The Bakersville Presbyterian Church and Evans Creek Lutheran Church also had as an outreach program that gave free school supplies to local children.

The homecoming is a community effort that supports both the Bakersville Volunteer Fire Department and the Bakersville Community Park. Without the funds raised, neither could exist. Everyone involved extends a huge thank you to all who supported the event and hope you can plan to attend next year.


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