Canal royalty crowned at Apple Butter Stirrin

| October 18, 2021

The Canal Days Court was chosen on Saturday, October 16th in Roscoe Village. The Court is front row – Junior Queen 2nd Attendant Oona Lawson. Second row – Princess 1st Attendant Jamie Ridenbaugh, Princess Audrey Tubbs, Junior Queen Ella Lawson, Junior Queen 1st Attendant Nora Harstine and Princess 2nd Attendant Grace Kilchenman. Back row – Queen 1st Attendant Callie Proper, Queen Aliah Williamson and Queen 2nd Attendant Harley Hunn. (Jen Jones)

A large crowd gathered at the center stage in Roscoe Village to see which beautiful young ladies would be chosen as Canal Days Royalty on Oct. 16. Despite being nervous, the queen and princess candidates did an amazing job introducing themselves and talking about their dresses.

Each princess candidate was introduced and given the opportunity to talk about their dresses. The queen candidates’ speeches had to have historical facts included and be three to five minutes long. All candidates were judged prior to Saturday evening for an essay and interview they did.

Special awards were presented for their essays, costumes and a spirit award that was voted on by the contestants. For the spirit award, they were to choose the one queen and princess candidate who showed the true spirit of the competition – the smile that could make your day and who was always ready to help the other girls.  The Spirit Award for the princess candidates was awarded to Grace Kilchenman and the for the queen, it was given to Callie Proper.

The essay winners for the princess candidates were: First place Jamie Ridenbaugh, second place Grace Kilchenman and third place Mylee Raber. The queen contestant essay winners were: First place Callie Proper, second place Aliah Williamson and third place Harley Hunn. The costume winners for the princess contest were: First place Mylee Raber, second place Kielynn Shearer and third place Grace Kilchenman. The queen contest costume winners were: First place Callie Proper, second place Aliah Williamson and third place Elana Alloway.

The Canal Days Queen Court is Queen Aliah Williamson, daughter of Jesi and Shea Archer, First Attendant Callie Proper, daughter of Regina and Craig Proper, and Second Attendant Harley Hunn, daughter of Barry and Audrey Hunn. The Princess court includes Princess Audrey Tubbs, daughter of Tim and Jessie Tubbs, First Attendant Jamie Ridenbaugh, daughter of Kyle Ridenbaugh, Leslie Ridenbaugh and Jessalyn Hardesty, and Second Attendant Grace Kilchenman, daughter of Melissa and Todd Kilchenman.

Queen Aliah Williamson said she was surprised when she won. “I am so excited for this opportunity to share Roscoe Village. I’ve lived here my whole life and had no idea what all is here. I’m excited to go to festivals and enjoy the parades. I want to talk about Roscoe and tell people to come and take a tour. That’s the only way they will really know how awesome it is.”

Princess Audrey Tubbs said it’s really exciting to be names Canal Days Princess.  She is looking forward to going to festivals because last year, she didn’t get to go to many. “It’s exciting to meet new people and I want to tell them that Roscoe is a really cool place that they should come and see.”

Earlier in the day, the Junior Queen Court was selected. The Junior Queen is Ella Lawson, First Attendant Nora Harstine and Second Attendant Oona Lawson. Ella Lawson said, “When Nora was picked as First Attendant, I knew I was never going to get queen. My heart dropped with joy when they said my name. I was so excited. I can’t wait to meet more new people.”

Special awards presented at the Junior Queen contest were: Miss Personality for age 6 – Paizlee Tittle; Miss Personality for age 8 – Zoey Sheaffer; Miss Personality for age 9 – Nora Harstine; Miss Photogenic – Sophia Sellers and Emilia Lonsinger; and Costume awards – Kenzie Roach, first; Ella Lawson, second; Sophia Sellers, third.

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