Carey to pursue dream of becoming a firefighter

| January 14, 2019

COSHOCTON – Nic Carey has wanted to be a firefighter ever since he was a kid. This month he gets to turn that dream into a fulltime career.

“I’ve taken the test a couple of times and this time I was lucky enough to be considered a candidate,” he said. “It’s a lifelong dream.”

Carey will be working full-time with the Coshocton Fire Department, but has already spent several years as a volunteer fireman with the Three Rivers Fire District.

“My brother is a career fireman and we talked all the time about it,” Carey said about becoming a volunteer. “Several years ago, I was at my friend’s house and he mentioned they needed volunteers and told me I should check it out. I took the leap and have been doing it for seven years, now.”

He also will maintain a roll with the Coshocton County Coordinated Transportation Agency, where he was the mobility manager.

“I’ll help train the new director and help with the transition and then stay on in a part-time roll,” Carey said.

He said most people don’t consider transportation until they don’t have it. Maybe they are unable to drive anymore or have vehicle problems and need help.

“I am most proud of the service we provide with Coshocton County Board of Developmental Disabilities and the Agency on Aging,” he said. “The CCBDD and providers are top notch and I think we have a wonderful service between us. I also have a soft spot for senior citizens. I was blessed with amazing grandparents and whenever I see a senior citizen with a transportation problem, I think to myself this is someone’s grandparent and I want to do everything I can to help them.”

He has been with the agency since August 2017.

“I love the mission of the agency,” Carey said. “We come in when people are struggling with transportation issues and we can help. I am so proud that we can provide a valuable service for the community. We get to make a difference and that makes it hard to leave. It came down to chasing a dream though and going after something I always wanted.”

Carey was raised in the Warsaw area and graduated from River View High School in 2004. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family.

“My in-laws have Scheetz Marketing and a farm, so we spend a lot of time helping with those,” Carey said. “We love being outside and being active together. We spend time riding 4-wheelers, fishing, and hunting. The kids (a 7 year old son and 3 year old daughter) enjoy being around the animals. My son even has a start to his own herd!”

Carey has been with his wife, LeeAnne, for 16 years (married for nine) and lives in Keene.

Editor’s note: The Beacon is working with the Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce to highlight young professionals in the community.

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