CHS swim team holds pool party fundraiser

| November 14, 2016

COSHOCTON – The laughter and squeals of fun echoed off the walls around the Coshocton High School pool as the first group to attend the pool party enjoyed their time in the water. Held on Nov. 12, this was the first year for a fundraiser of this type and since it was such a success, it won’t be the last.

“You can only do so many types of fundraisers – discount cards, pizza cards, candy – before you need to find something different. We thought since other sports do ‘biddy camps,’ we would open up our ‘playing field,’ too,” said Cari Weaver, coach of the swim team. “Plus, this allows the team to have some fun with the kids and shows them how important community is.”

Weaver also said this was a way to expose smaller children to the fun of swimming and perhaps spark an interest in them in pursuing swimming as a sport when they get to high school.

“This is our rebuilding year,” Weaver said. “We lost four seniors last year and our team is really young.  But they work hard and support each other.”

Julie Uhl, whose son is on the swim team, suggested the idea and she wasn’t sure how well it would work. “Weekends are so busy, but I knew parents were always looking for fun things for their children to do. A pool party was one last chance to enjoy swimming for the year.”

The swim team sold tickets before the pool party and had already sold more than 80 before the doors opened. Students could also buy tickets at the door. Families of the swim team members provided snacks for the children enjoying the water. Lifeguards volunteered their time to be sure everyone was safe and the swim team members played in the pool with the children.

Beach balls and pool noodles were flying as children from kindergarten through third grade enjoyed their party. While some were a little timid and hung onto the side of the pool, others were taking running jumps into the water. The teenagers kept a watchful eye on the children and made sure that everyone was having fun.  A second pool party was held later in the afternoon for students in fourth through sixth grades.

All of the money raised will go to the needs of the swim team, including meal stipends for away meets, expenses for sectionals (such as hotel rooms and meals) and equipment. If the smiles of the swimmers were any indication, the swim team has found the perfect annual fundraiser.

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