church protest8

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church protest8

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  1. Tina Ransom says:

    Do these people not realize that if they would stop protesting at the club that they wouldn't have to worry about "public nudity" in front of their church, that is 9 MILES AWAY from the club, on Sunday mornings?! There was nothing public about it until they decided not to give up on their protests on Friday nights. The Foxhole is a private club that is ran behind closed doors so why drive them to the point of bringing it to your neighborhood (9 MILES AWAY) & "in public"?! Makes a whole lot of sense!! They asked for trouble & they got it! Be careful what you wish for you just might get it!!! As for me, I've been praying for Pastor Bill & his cronies & I gotta say that either this prayer stuff really works or Pastor Bill Dunfee is just getting the kind of karma he really deserves!!!

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