City council addresses trash pickup transition

| March 29, 2016

COSHOCTON – Service Director Jerry Stenner announced at the March 28 city council meeting that the transition to Kimble for trash pickup is coming along well.

“They’ve started to pass out the carts and should have them all distributed hopefully in two to three days,” he said. “All trash customers also are supposed to receive a letter from Kimble about how to put the trash out and what they take in recycling.”

Customers will receive the 95 gallon trash carts to start, but the letter being sent out will include instructions on how to trade them in for smaller ones.

“They will adjust for you, but they have to start somewhere,” Stenner said.

Mayor Steve Mercer said they are doing everything possible to make the transition go smooth.

“We had a two and a half hour meeting with them and everyone involved from the billing to the administration,” he said.

Kimble was scheduled to start Friday, April 1.

At the meeting City Law Director Bob Skelton informed council that they might want to start looking at other cities and any regulations they have in regards to cell towers before another request for one is made.

Skelton said while they can’t stop a cell phone tower from being built, properly drafted legislation can give them some control over where it goes.

“Part of our problem with the previous request was that we have no legislation on cell phone towers,” he said.

Stenner shared that there actually has already been inquires about putting another cell phone tower in a prominent part of town.

“If people weren’t happy with the one hidden partially behind Coshocton High School they definitely aren’t going to be happy with this one,” he said.

Skelton wasn’t aware of any cities that already have legislation dealing with cell phone towers, but said council will probably have to look at larger ones in the state.

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