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Clary Gardens celebrating 20th anniversary

| April 24, 2021

Clary Gardens is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is excited to have summer activities planned. (Jen Jones)

While the actual anniversary celebration won’t be held until late summer or fall, plans are underway for a special summer season at Clary Gardens.

This year, the theme is “Under the Big Top.”  Each year, Clary Gardens, the Pomerene Center for the Arts, Roscoe Village, the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum and the Coshocton Public Library choose a theme and all of their summer activities revolve around the same theme.

“All of us will be incorporating the circus/animal theme into our programs,” said Jandi Adams, director of Clary Gardens. “Even our Scarecrow Trail this fall will have a circus theme.”

“Mrs. Clary has done so much for the community. To be able to honor the legacy she’s left her family is really cool. The garden has grown so much over the years.  This year, a huge pavilion will be built in July in our event garden. It will be available for private and public events and also will be a wonderful space for our educational programs,” said Adams.

“We have been working with a design team to make the space truly one of a kind.  They have big ideas. We’re almost booked full for weddings. Clary Gardens has truly become a premier place for weddings. Most of our weddings are booked from people from out of town and this brings lots of tourism money to Coshocton.  They stay in our hotels, use local photographers and other vendors.”

Adams said they are trying to bring back the history of the gardens. “We want to share with the community how it all started. The Rose Garden was the first dedicated garden to be planted. The Clary Brothers Florist Shop was started in 1907 and they were known across the country for their hot house roses. They were delivered by train everywhere. The family wanted that legacy to begin the gardens.”

The amphitheater was completed after the Rose Garden and is a distinguished as an outdoor venue across Ohio. “The Clary family imagined a place that could hold outdoor performances and a place that families could enjoy together. This summer, a local non-profit, Rogue Elephant Productions, will be presenting free shows the first two weekends in August. They are even going to have a short children’s production, and everything will be free to the community.”

While the history and the gardens are beautiful, Clary Gardens also focuses on children and activities that would be fun for them. The path goes through the woods and along a creek and there is a children’s garden with activities. Jozie Adams, 8, said people should visit because it’s a beautiful place. “And I like the children’s garden. I like the bridge and the sand box.” Connor Shrimplin, 8, said, “I like to mess around the creek and in the woods.”

Children’s programs are available every Tuesday at 10 a.m. through the summer.  Registration is required. The popular butterfly exhibit will be back June 15-20.

“It took 20 years, but Clary Gardens has become what the people who founded it wanted to see. It’s so much fun to be able to do so many different things and have it all be available to the community to enjoy,” said Adams.

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