Community choir performs spring concert

| April 29, 2019

Charles R. Snyder prepares members of the Coshocton Community Choir in a warmup held just prior to the annual spring concert, held on Sunday, April 28 at 3 p.m. at Coshocton High School. Kathy Reid, a member of the choir since 1982, is pictured in the second row from bottom and was interviewed by The Beacon. Mark Fortune | Beacon

COSHOCTON – The Coshocton Community Choir presented their spring concert “Live into Hope” to the community on Sunday, April 28 in McKinley Auditorium at Coshocton High School. Charles R. Snyder is the conductor and the choir has been in existence since 1971. The Coshocton Singers and the Coshocton Youth Chorale also participated in select pieces at the concert.

Kathy Reid, who has been a member of the choir since 1982, said of the experience, “There are so many things I enjoy, obviously the music. Being able to sing the quality of music we sing here – you don’t get that everywhere – even in large towns. But Charles Robert Snyder brings that to Coshocton and brings that out of all of us. On top of the music, it’s the people. It’s a family, we take care of each other, we worry about each other and we pray for each other. The music is sometimes the cherry on top.

“There’s a rush about being in concert garb, being in concert formation and being with Chuck in front of those people. There’s a connection and we work hard at making that connection between our music and what they’re hearing. We’re all about bringing a story to the people. There’s a theme”.

Reid, who is a member of the Plainfield United Methodist Church, talked about how she got involved in the choir, “We had a member of our church who was singing in the choir – and after church choir one evening, she said, ‘You need to be involved in this group.’ So I went and I was hooked.”

While many members of the choir are members of a church and especially a church choir, others are not and Reid said, “Music is the common denominator. Truly that is the thing. Music speaks to each of us and sometimes in different ways but you pull together in a piece of music with Chuck’s direction and his vision and that brings it all to life.”

Reid started her singing career as a young girl and sang all through school and college. “It’s been a part of my life for a very long time.”

“Sadly, we’ve lost members who have been with the choir for many years. Losing members is always a very poignant time”, said Reid. “Sometimes we’ve been able to do their funeral services, and again, it’s kind of a final sendoff in that musical way to let them know that we think about them, that we remember them and that they’re special to us and will remain that way.”

Reid also talked about the many youth that are in the choir, “It’s the future. Our young kids are the future – in many ways – but we have some people that are singing in the choir now that started in the children’s choir and they are in their 30’s and looking at close to 40 and still singing with us. Obviously it has meant a great deal to them and made a permanent place in their hearts.”

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