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Congressman Gibbs’ reacts to State of the Union Address

| February 13, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH) released the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

“This evening, I had hoped the President would lay out precise details on how he plans to grow the economy, create jobs, and reduce our nation’s out-of-control spending and deficit. On behalf of the hardworking Ohioans and Americans whose tax dollars are being squandered away daily by this Administration, I demand that our President show some leadership and lay out specific spending cuts and reforms that will get this country back to work and back on track. Unfortunately, this did not happen tonight.

“Our national debt has surpassed $16 trillion under President Obama.  The amount of national debt incurred under this White House is greater than the entire national debt accumulated in the first 220 years of American history. Even as President Obama claimed tonight that he will not increase the deficit by a single dime, he has single-handedly increased our nation’s debt by $5.8 trillion in just four years. He did not offer any semblance of a plan as to how he intends to alter his spending habits tonight.

“House Republicans have presented the Democrat-led Senate with numerous policies to encourage developing a responsible budget and reduce the outrageous spending culture in Washington; however, these pleas have been met with no response. In just under two months of this Congress alone, the Republican-led House has passed the ‘No Budget No Pay Act’ and the ‘Require a Plan Act,’ both of which hold lawmakers in Washington accountable for failing to enact a responsible budget. It is time for our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to step up to the plate and offer up solutions to strengthen our struggling middle class and create jobs. The President made no indication of any exact plans to do so in this evening’s address. 

“Tonight, President Obama said that it’s not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government. That is true. But unfortunately, once again, he offered nothing but rhetoric. He offered no real plan for a smarter government; just rhetorical, empty promises.

“This evening’s address further exemplified that as a nation, we are divided. President Obama’s destructive policies have done nothing more than lead us down a dead-end road. I had hoped to hear a much more optimistic and specific plan this evening for our country’s economic well-being. I am eager to work together with my colleagues in the House and Senate this Congress to strengthen this country’s broken economy.”

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