Congressman Gibbs responds to president’s State Of The Union Address

| January 21, 2015

WASHINGTON D.C. – Here is what Congressman Gibbs had to say about President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

“Tonight, the President gave his sixth State of the Union Address to the nation outlining his agenda for the upcoming year. The President continues to offer the same rhetoric and outdated policies that will stifle our economic growth rather than promote commonsense solutions. President Obama has made it clear, he has no intention of working with Republicans which is evident based on the veto threats he made before the 114th Congress was even sworn in. The American people voiced their opinion last November and the Administration has not heard their message, based on what the President said tonight. My colleagues and I are ready to put legislation on the President’s desk to help grow the economy and strengthen our nation’s middle class.

“While the Administration claims the recovery is well underway, middle class Americans have yet to feel the relief. The Federal Reserve survey data shows families in the middle fifth of the income scale now earn less, along with a decrease in their overall net worth. During the first week of the 114th Congress, the House voted to enact legislation that will make crucial changes to Obamacare, boost job opportunities, and decrease our energy costs while reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

“It is a guessing game as to which policy the President will ignore next and it seems as though education is his agenda, this month President Obama outlined a higher education plan that seemed too good to be true. There is nothing free about this plan because the President plans to fund this proposal by taxing college savings funds. Earnings growth in a 529 plan would no longer be tax-free. The earnings would be taxed upon withdrawal when used to pay for college. Both sides of the aisle agree education is a priority, but where we disagree is the level of government involvement.

“The President proposed to increase taxes and grow government programs by $320 billion over the next 10 years. Government has a spending problem and new programs always cost more than projected. Increasing taxes will only slow down the nation’s recovery, making the United States less competitive and have adverse affects on middle class. This proposal shows how out of touch the President is with families across the country.

“I am disappointed with the President’s vision for America. His stale policies have only increased regulatory burdens, created more bureaucracy, and increased costs from healthcare to groceries. Republicans have a vision for American families and it starts with job creation. I encourage the President to work with the House and Senate to advance policies together that promote these commonsense ideas.”


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