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Coshocton Behavioral Health shows appreciation to first responders

| May 1, 2019

The Coshocton Behavioral Health Choices and Mental Health and Recovery Service Board presented the three local first responder services with a token of their appreciation. Pictured from left are: Beth Cormack, executive director of Coshocton Behavioral Health; Nic Carey, Coshocton Fire Department; Todd Shroyer, director of Coshocton County EMS; and Sheriff Timothy Rogers.

COSHOCTON – For the second consecutive year, the Coshocton Behavioral Health Choices and Mental Health and Recovery Services Board showed their appreciation to the men and women who work tirelessly as first responders to tragedies in Coshocton County. Last year, they provided a hot meal catered by Schumaker Farms to EMS, fire, and the sheriff’s office. Due to restrictions by the state of Ohio, this year, the board awarded each first responder in Coshocton with a travel coffee mug.

“Our crews are out there every day and it’s unfortunate that the community has a drug problem, but it’s nice for the crews to get the recognition for what they do,” said Todd Shroyer, EMS director. “We appreciate the behavioral health and mental health and recovery services board for doing this.”

The presentation took place on Wednesday, May 1 in the sheriff’s office with Nic Carey, Coshocton Fire; and Sheriff Timothy Rogers present, in addition to Shroyer.

“It’s nice to see how well all the agencies in Coshocton County work together to help people when they are struggling and to give them something to get help and get better,” said Carey. “It’s nice to see all the agencies working together for the community to get stronger and get better.”

Rogers was also thankful for all the agencies in the county who strive to help the people in the community who need it most.

“I appreciate the collaborative effort of all the agencies involved,” said Rogers.

According to Beth Cormack, executive director of Coshocton Behavioral Health Choices, their agency has approximately 600 people a year use their services. That number has doubled in the last 20 years. She also said that the types of drugs in Coshocton are getting harder and they are seeing an increase in heroin, meth, and fentanyl.

“Every day is a new day and it’s something different and unusual,” said Cormack. “These first responders, it’s like their first priority of the day. They want to make sure everyone is safe and well, not just on that particular day, but in the days going forward.”

County EMS, the sheriff’s office, fire, and children services were all honored and presented with travel mugs.

“Although children services might not seem like a first responder, often they are,” said Cormack. “They lift the children from potentially dangerous situations.”

A typical case is reported by the sheriff’s department via a 911 call and the sheriff’s office investigates the issue. If a child is involved, children services are called immediately. The fire department is also called for any incident involving a drug-induced fire.

“The mugs are just a gesture of appreciation,” said Cormack. “We can’t pay these folks for what they do. They put their lives on the line every day. Without these entities, we could not do what we do to keep the community safe.”

Cormack said the reward of doing her job is seeing people in the community get the help they need, recover from their addictions, hold down jobs, and be reunited with their families.

“That’s why we wanted to take a moment to thank these guys,” said Cormack. “It’s just a coffee mug, but the sentiment behind it is so much greater.”

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