Coshocton Christian School senior athletes share memories

| February 7, 2017

COSHOCTON – The seniors of the Coshocton Christian School’s basketball teams bring talent and hard-working attitudes to their teams. Each player said that being part of the basketball team has taught them the value of working hard for what you want and the importance of teamwork. They have learned that the only way to get wins is by accepting new players and learning to get along with everyone. These are the attributes that they hope the younger players can learn from them.

Jobe Butzer, nephew of Rachael and Roger McCreery, has been playing basketball for four years. He tried other sports, but the friendships he made on the basketball team kept bringing him back to this team. He has learned unity as a team and how to adjust to changes on the team quickly so they can all work well together. He plans to attend God’s Bible School and College and the University of Cincinnati to study ministerial education and civil engineering. When he isn’t playing basketball, he enjoys fishing, camping and lifting weights.

Anna Egbert has been playing basketball for four years. Her mom was the coach and she loved playing so she stayed with the team even when she was no longer coached by her mom. She enjoys helping the new girls learn techniques and making new friends. After graduation, she plans to obtain a degree in special education. Egbert said she has had several experiences with children with disabilities and that was what got her interested in being a teacher. She is the daughter of Chuck and Cathy Egbert and when she isn’t playing basketball, she enjoys several types of art, including modern calligraphy and photography.

Jensen Green’s mom signed him up to play basketball when he was a small child.  He was told he was a good player and he liked it so he has been playing for 12 years. Green said playing basketball has taught him about teamwork and always giving 100 percent to the team and to show improvement. He is interested in working in the postal service or possibly in finance. Outside of basketball, his interests include hanging out with his friends and “rapping.” He started writing his own rap songs after listening to the music as a child and learning about it. Green is the son of Jennifer and James Green.

Macy Hill started playing basketball in eighth grade. She started playing basketball because everyone in her family plays and she enjoys it. It also helped that the team’s coach approached her. Hill said being on the basketball team has taught her about dedication and learning to work with different people to keep the program going. Her dream college would be Ashland University and she wants to study biology to be either a vet tech or possibly a vet. She is planning to work in a vet/kennel this summer to see if this is really what she wants to do. Her parents are Megan Bookless and Dusty Hill and when she isn’t playing ball, she enjoys playing the guitar and running. She hopes to compete in a half marathon in the future.

John McCarthy is the son of Jodi and Thomas McCarthy. He has been playing basketball for seven years. He started playing because it was his grandpa’s favorite sport and he got hooked on it. He has learned that nothing happens without teamwork and that nothing comes easy. McCarthy said learning he has to work for what he wants is an important lesson. He hopes to play basketball in college while he obtains a degree in criminal justice. When he isn’t playing basketball he likes playing golf (another favorite of grandpa’s), spending time with his Bible and eating, especially Chinese food.

Charity Treat hopes to produce movies and/or music in the future. Her dream college would be the Los Angeles Film School and she thinks what she has learned about discipline on the basketball team will help her in college. She has also learned that, at times, you have to miss things you don’t want to miss because you are part of the team and others are depending on you. She likes encouraging the other players to do their best. She lives with Matt and Tammy Seiler and enjoys singing and playing the guitar, piano and ukulele. Treat has been part of the team for two years, but has been playing basketball since she was a child.

All of the seniors agreed that playing ball at a small, private school has both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that everyone gets a chance to play and show their improvements. Anyone hoping to get noticed for a basketball scholarship is at a disadvantage, though. Scouts don’t tend to come to the small schools so great players don’t get noticed. Most colleges require the athletes to put together a “highlight” video and submit it for consideration for a scholarship. They also feel that attending a Christian school is more uplifting and that the students are closer friends than if they attended the larger public schools.

The Wildcats will have their senior night on Tuesday, Feb. 14 at the school on Airport Road, across from Wal-Mart.  For more information, visit their webpage

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