Coshocton churches unite on RHS’s football field

| July 29, 2019

Alicia Lonsinger, a recent graduate of River View High School, was one of three area students who spoke at the countywide worship service organized by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Contributed | Beacon

WEST LAFAYETTE – On July 28 churches across the county came together at Ridgewood High School’s football stadium for a huge morning service organized by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

The FCA is a program focused on ministry and fellowship between Christian athletes in the high schools. Pastors and church leaders dedicate their time to pray, speak to, support, and mentor student athletes within the local high schools. A few students came to the stand and shared their own testimonies of how FCA has impacted their lives and led them to who they are today.

Alicia Lonsinger, a recent graduate of River View High School, came up and spoke first. She shared how FCA came at just the right time in her life after she had lost her way and lost sight of God. Another FCA member, Maddy Miller a graduate of Coshocton High School, shared how the people at FCA showed her the great love God has for her and that no one is deserving of that love, but it is still freely given. She shared how pivotal that lesson was to her life and how members of FCA continually reach out to her at just the moments she needs them.

That same love and support was shown to Keith Leindecker, a FCA student from Ridgewood High School. As a graduate of the hosting school, Leindecker was asked to speak and give a sermon to the crowd. He spoke mainly on the verses from John 15:1-11. He spoke about how people are the branches and God is the vine and how the branches must abide in the vine to grow and bear fruit. Just like this analogy, Leindecker told the community about how we must depend on God and abide by his will and desires for our lives. Sometimes that takes pruning or chopping off the blemishes and sore spots in our lives in order to grow and bring new life, new fruit. And how the support of other branches, other people abiding in God, can strengthen and foster growth for ourselves as well.

Leindecker thanked the people in his own life that have done this for him and helped him bear fruit and abide in God. He especially thanked some members of FCA that took the time and energy to continually show love and support to him even after he graduated. The lasting impact that FCA has had on these students is well demonstrated in the tears shed, the grateful hearts, and the overwhelming support that flooded the bleachers.

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