Coshocton City Council holds regular meeting

| June 11, 2019

COSHOCTON – Coshocton City Council met June 10 at 7 p.m. At 6:45 p.m. the budget hearing was held with no comments from the public.

The minutes from the May 28th meeting were approved.  The meeting was them opened for public comments. Chris Wilson, from TR – 304, introduced himself to council. He wanted to offer his services for a local building department. He currently works for Washington County and has opened an office in Cambridge.  He would like to share a presentation with council about his services. Council was open to seeing a presentation from Wilson.

Steven Johnson wanted to discuss a water line leak on 541West that has caused damage to his in-laws home and property. The line is privately owned and five houses have tapped into it. One of those homes has plans to tap into a city line that is available. Johnson has talked to the owner of the line and offered to help fix the leak, but nothing has been done. He said he has been in contact with Max Crown, service director, also and that the problem has been going on for three years.

His in-laws have water damage to their home which has included mold. The water leak has caused structural damage to their garage and killed several trees. He wanted council to set a time limit to the owner to get it fixed or to turn off the water to that line. Many options were discussed to solve the issue, but there are legal issues that need to be discussed before any action can be taken.

Johnson said he doesn’t want to see anyone without water but he feels it is hideous that nothing has been done and that the owner of the line has a responsibility to maintain that line.

Richard Gates of South Lawn Avenue wanted to discuss the lack of sheriff patrols on South Lawn Avenue. He feels that when he calls to complain about speeding, it takes too long for deputies to arrive. He is concerned about someone, possibly a child, getting hurt. He also wanted to discuss the noise ordinance for the city, as he believes he was unfairly asked to turn his car radio down while cleaning out his car. He feels that if deputies are called for loud music, they should carry decibel meters to see just how loud the music is.

After public input, council passed appropriations requested by the county auditor.  They also heard the first reading of the proposed 2020 budget and the second reading of an ordinance limiting the jurisdiction of the civil service commission of the city by excluding the Coshocton City School District from its coverage.

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