Coshocton City Schools hosting virtual blood drives

| March 4, 2021

In a typical school year, the Coshocton City Schools District hosts four blood drives. “With the pandemic there is no coming to the school building and so this year we are hosting three blood drives for Coshocton High School. The first will be at Coshocton Village Inn and Suites on March 26th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We also are holding virtual blood drives with the hope of getting enough donations to provide a scholarship,” said Laura Roberts, school nurse for Coshocton City Schools.

The American Red Cross provides a $500 scholarship to one student based on the number of donations received in their name. Coshocton High School Senior Rylee Shrimplin, this year’s recipient of the Red Cross scholarship, has created a YouTube video promoting the blood drive with instructions on how to sign up. “It’s a virtual new thing to reach out and show people how to sign up. At this time, she is working on another video, as well,” Roberts said.

Because of the coronavirus donated blood is needed now more than ever. Anyone 16 years (with parental permission) and older can donate blood. Anyone living in the Coshocton area and anywhere in the United States can sign up to donate to the CHS blood drive if there is a Red Cross blood drive in their area. “By using the CHS link to sign up  we will get credit. All they need to do is sign up and choose a student,” Roberts said. “It is important for the students to develop a sense of community service and involvement at a young age. There are many American Red Cross Programs that help develop a sense of responsibility and volunteerism including swimming lessons, babysitting, first aid and CPR classes. The students have always done many things to support the community.  Blood donation is one of those important things. Parents, family, coaches, pastors and anyone who would like to get out there and help, that would be awesome. This is a good way to promote the good things that these kids do.”

Donors must use the following link to donate –

“This link will also be posted on our website and social media. I hope this link also encourages blood donation in the public, helps support the student scholarship and shows our students how lucky they are to be in a community that has always been supportive of our students and school system,” Roberts said.

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