Coshocton County 4-H advisors, volunteers honored at 2012 leader’s banquet

| November 27, 2012

COSHOCTON – 4-H volunteers, advisors and others were recognized for their efforts to help further the 4-H program in Coshocton County during the 2012 4-H Leader’s Banquet held Tuesday evening at the Presbyterian Church in Coshocton. The evening was sponsored by the Coshocton County Agricultural Society, Farm Credit Services, Ohio Heritage Bank and the Home Loan Savings Bank.

Following a delicious meal of pulled pork, dressing, green beans, rolls, cheesy potatoes and homemade desserts, area 4-H advisors were honored in several categories of service. First year, five year, 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, 25 year, 30 year, 35 year and 40 year advisors were recognized. Greg Fisher, Tom Wells and Marilyn Wyler were honored for 25 years, Debbie Endsley, Janette McCullough for 30 years, Elaine Ashcraft, Karen Locke, Brent Porteus and Karen Shepler for 35 years and Joyce Mullett received a huge round of applause for 40 years of volunteer service.

Maureen Pritchard chaired the planning committee with help from Ellen McClain, Amanda Poorman, Carolee Bookless, Bob Buxton, Caitlyn Bookless, Ro Yoder, Jacki Wiggins, Chip Troyer and Rachelle Yoder.

Justine Moran, 2012 Coshocton County Junior Fair Queen gave remarks and greeted guests. Jenny Cherry, OSU Extension Educator, 4-H, introduced special guests and Bob Buxton gave the invocation.

Bob Buxton presented a 4-H Ambassador Award to his sister, Susan McCurdy, saying, “Susan McCurdy has been a 4-H advisor for 29 years. She started the Mohawk Valley 4-H Club. Both of her grown children, Tai McCurdy and Bekah McCurdy Peck were 4-H members in her club.  As a club advisor, she has helped many girls learn to sew and many have represented Coshocton County at the Ohio State Fair and received Outstanding of the Day. She is a member, and currently vice president, of the Coshocton County 4-H Family Consumer Science Committee that organizes project evaluations, the style review and events at the County Fair. She has served as a judge for 4-H sewing projects for many years at both the county and state level. She has also been a Master Garden Volunteer through OSU Extension since 2004 and volunteered hundreds of hours to horticulture education and community beautification projects.

Sarah Jane Lindsey presented a 4-H Ambassador Award to Paula Hathaway. Lindsey said at the presentation, “Paula, you have volunteered, worked, taught, and served in many capacities of 4-H and Extension. Though you value hard work, knowledge and skills the most, now is your time to be honored for your commitment and dedication to 4-H. Thank you! You are very deserving to receive the Coshocton County 4-H Ambassador Award.”

Hathaway has served as a Coshocton County 4-H advisor for 22 years and has served on the County 4-H Advisory Committee for six years and been a member of the subcommittees for the 4-H leaders banquet, adult awards and youth awards. A certified Master Clothing Educator certified through the OSU Family Consumer Sciences Department, she has shared her sewing skills in many ways. On our county 4-H Family Consumer Sciences Committee, she was the president during 2010 and 2011 and is currently the secretary. She has worked with the youth on the 4-H Food, Fashion, and Family Living Board in the past and taught sewing sessions at several of the county workshops.

Jan Luce presented a Friend of 4-H Award to Tammi Rogers and Debbie Bowman of the OSU Extension Office. Luce said of the award, “It is that individual that goes beyond our expectations and is very instrumental in providing a quality 4-H program for our youth. It is the person that continuously provides the small contributions that snowballs into such a meaningful role in the Coshocton County 4-H program.”

“Tonight I am presenting this award to a very special team that I hope is a surprise. Tammi Rogers and Debbie Bowman, would you please come forward.”

 Both ladies enjoyed being in 4-H as youngsters. Bowman has been employed at OSU Extension as an office associate for seven years and Rogers has been employed with the Extension as the Agricultural Program Assistant for 12 years.

Bowman provided a shortened version of both women’s job description and talked about their valuable contribution to the 4-H program in Coshocton County and how their service impacts the community.

Bowman said, “I have to say that these two are team players. There job is not the 4-H program, it is not what they are paid to do. But that has not stopped either one of them. Debbie worked relentlessly during the levy campaign. I am sure that Debbie made a huge impact in the city with the levy. Tammi also helped immensely with the levy, getting the Master Gardeners organized. On her own time she ran labels, checking for duplicates. She and Debbie both stuffed envelopes and attended meetings. What I remember most about both is their help in the office with the 4-H program, saying, ‘How can I help?”

Rod Lindsey presented a Friend of 4-H award to Ezra Helmick of Walhonding Valley Sand & Gravel. A former 4-H member and River View FFA member, Lindsey said of Helmick, “His love of the fair has continued through the years and the sale of his fair animals helped him learn the value of hard work. He opened Walhonding Valley Sand & Gravel Company with his brothers 13 years ago. The company has supported the livestock auction ever since, like many other local companies. But this recipient has taken a personal interest in the kids behind the animals. Quite often, he will supply the opening bid and he loves to run your bid up! So beware. At the end of the night, he has gone in with others to raise the price of that last unfortunate animal on the auction block to make sure the child isn’t shortened due to the lack of late bidders. Several years ago he helped organize 11 other bidders to combine their funds to buy the McMillan hog for an unprecedented amount of money for a non champion animal to help a family in need. Long time auctioneer Greg Rice comments, “Ezra and his business has always stepped up to the plate and helped provide financial assistance in many situations over the last 13 years.”

Lindsey said, “Football coaching legend Woody Hayes from The Ohio State University always talked to his players about paying it forward. Truly our recipient tonight understands that statement.”

Jenny Cherry, OSU Extension Educator 4-H, closed the evening saying, “Thank you for your support and for coming tonight. Remember that we are doing this for the hundreds of youth in our community that benefit greatly from your service.” Cherry thanked especially Dee Woodward Wells and Jaime Lambert for their help throughout the year.


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