Coshocton County Board of Elections meets

| August 12, 2015

COSHOCTON – The Coshocton County Board of Elections met in regular session Aug. 12.

During the meeting, the board voted to change the polling location of Oxford Township. Registered voters who previously voted at the Isleta Methodist Church will now vote at the First Baptist Church at 688 E. Main St. in West Lafayette. Registered voters in this affected area will receive postcards in regards to this change in polling location, which will take place for the Tuesday, Nov. 3 general election and all elections moving forward.

The board of elections also has a rough draft of candidates and local questions, issues, and local liquor options that will appear on the November 2015 ballot. Overlapping districts have until Monday, Aug. 24 to have information to the office. Contested races include:

  • Mayor City of Coshocton: Steve Mercer and write-in Rick Williamson
  • Mayor Village of West Lafayette: Stephen R. Bordenkircher and Timothy L. Tubbs II
  • Trustee Adams Township: Jack Caley and Christian C. Deibel
  • Fiscal Officer Adams Township: Rebecca Caley and Heather Huff
  • Trustee Bedford Township: Robert Groves, Craig Hamilton and Gregory L. Owens
  • Fiscal Officer Bedford Township: Mindy J. Hamilton and Jaime Lynne Hunt
  • Trustee Bethlehem Township: Rick Fitch, James A. Hoy, Steve Kempf and Mark A. McCombs
  • Trustee Clark Township: Benny Patterson and John L. Siegel
  • Trustee Lafayette Township: Richard E. Bluck, Garry H. Buchanan and Ray Dillon
  • Trustee Linton Township: James Porteus and David Scott
  • Trustee Millcreek Township: Wesley A. Croft, Michael E. Daugherty and Eric J. Sellers
  • Trustee Monroe Township: Richard K. Brenly, Daniel E. Duncan and Chad Fabian
  • Trustee New Castle Township: Dustin Dickerson, Buddy R. Goodman and Charles Johnson
  • Trustee Oxford Township: Michelle A. Carpenter and Roger Hill
  • Fiscal Officer Pike Township: Camila J. Graham and Barbara J. Richards
  • Trustee Tuscarawas Township: Larry E. Corbett and Roger Webb
  • Fiscal Officer Virginia Township: Candy S. McCoy and Judy Williams
  • Trustee Washington Township: Robert E. McNichols, Kristofer A. Scheurman and Ronald D. Snider
  • Fiscal Officer Washington Township: Mary Fry, Toni L. Lee and Annette E. Moore
  • Trustee White Eyes Township: Chris Farver and Brian Warren
  • Member of the Board of Education Ridgewood (vote for three): Dennis Bahmer, Vic Cardenzana, Scott Craigo, Alan Folkert, Helen Leindecker, Catherine McCrea, Rodney Merce and John Riebesell
  • Member of Board of Education West Holmes (vote for two): Patricia Sage, Brent Snyder and Eric Strouse
  • City Council 1st Ward: Bob Fetters and Steven Williams

Any questions, contact the board of elections at 740-622-1117.

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