Grand Champion Rabbit Fryer

Grand Rabbit Fryer: The 2012 Grand Rabbit Fryer was purchased by Todd and Cognion (Carl & Todd Cognion Construction), Christi Olinger (Peddicord Rice Auction Realty), and Debbie Foster (Peddicord Rice Auction Realty) for $700, and exhibited by Jenna Daugherty of the Leaps and Bounds 4-H Club.

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Grand Champion Rabbit Fryer

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  1. I finally found it! Took me almost 3 weeks but I found it! lol

    • Thanks again go out to Carl, Todd, Christi, and Debbie for the support they have shown for my daughter this year. As goes for ALL the buyers, year after year, at our county fair. These kids put their hearts and souls into these animals and it's people like you and the support you give to our county youth, that makes the difference. Thank you : )

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