Coshocton Football Alumni Association plans to give back

| August 20, 2021


The Coshocton Football Alumni Association is a group of former players who have gotten together to raise funds to help the program grow.

“We want to give back to that which has given so much to our lives in teaching us work ethics, loyalty and friendship,” said board member Mike Garbrandt. “We want to extend that to future generations in giving them that sort of fraternity and fellowship.”

The group did an event over the summer and decided to use the money to help little league players get helmets.

“Most of their helmets were over 15 years old,” Garbrandt said. “We were able to allocate that $1,000 to help purchase new helmets for them We believe that this helps to get them interested in the game, helps grow the foundation and keeps them interested. We thought purchasing new equipment that can be used for the next several years helps them learn the game, they won’t have to worry about safety and that’s one of our efforts.”

One of their fundraising ideas is purchasing football squares for Ohio State games and another idea is to have a golf outing in the spring.

“We still have some details to work out for that but we’re looking at early June for the outing to raise some money,” Garbrandt said. “We are just getting started and we’re hoping to grow this through the years and become a helpful resource for the football team to buy new equipment, purchase things for the stadium, maybe pay for a bus to hopefully get back to the state finals trip, that sort of thing. We want to help support the program and right now about 60% of the money raised comes from outside Coshocton. A primary goal is to connect former players who don’t live in Coshocton. We want them to stay in touch with the program that gave them so much and try to give back. They can’t do the mulch sales, they can’t buy the t-shirts, they don’t know the players, but they know the program and they are excited to give back. We want to help the program grow by connecting with the players around the country who want to give back to the program.”

The group can be found on Facebook at Coshocton Football Alumni Association and Instagram at CoshoctonFootballAlumniAssociation. They also are working on a website.

“We’re about three months into this and we are excited to see how it works out in the future,” Garbrandt said.

Other board members include: Josh Patterson – Class of 95; Chris Thornsley – Class of 97; Jake Priest – Class of 95; and Travis Weaver – Class of 95.

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