Coshocton High School to present ‘Clue’

| November 6, 2018

Mrs. Peacock (Jenna Stonebraker), far left, points an accusing finger at Miss Scarlet (Amanda Kittel), far right, during a rehearsal of Coshocton High School’s upcoming fall play. They will present “Clue” on Nov. 15 – 17. Also pictured from left are Mrs. White (Kenzie Potter), Mr. Green (Tyler Huston), and Professor Plum (Spencer Wolfe).

COSHOCTON – The classic tale of “who done it” is coming to the Coshocton High School stage as the drama department presents “Clue”. Was it Mrs. White in the library with the candlestick or Col. Mustard in the hall with the revolver? Come and find out on Nov. 15 – 17 in the high school auditorium. The play begins at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday night and 7 p.m. Thursday night after the community Thanksgiving dinner.

The play focuses on Mr. Boddy and his mysterious invitation to six guests, each one with their own secretive past. As the body count begins to rise, including the murder of Mr. Boddy himself, so do the guests’ suspicions as to the identity of the killer. Nothing is as it seems in this comedic murder mystery until an unexpected twist turns the whole plot upside down.

“We wanted to do ‘Clue’ because we wanted to do a comedy and this is relatively new,” said Director Kris Hardesty. “The rights for this have just been released.”

There are 25 students in cast and crew with an additional 10 students from Mrs. Folkert’s Broadway Class who created the props for the show.

“There have been other editions performed of ‘Clue’,” said Hardesty. “There’s a musical version of ‘Clue’. This is the one written by Jonathan Lynn who wrote the screenplay for the movie. One of the challenges is trying to reconcile our preconceptions about how it’s supposed to be because it’s different doing a stage play than a film.”

Most of the costumes for the play were from the students’ personal wardrobe. However, all the jackets were borrowed from the Triple Locks Theatre.

The play has a cast of veteran actors who not only have performed on the Coshocton High School stage, but at the Triple Locks as well.

Kenzie Potter, who plays Mrs. White, has been performing for eight years.

“She’s just dramatic and awkward in her own way,” said Potter about her character. “She’s not obnoxious, just quietly dramatic. She’s a totally different character from what I normally play. I usually play the very nice, more positive character.”

This is Elwood Kreider’s first production as a Coshocton High School student but his second time appearing on the high school stage.

“I did ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when I was in fifth grade,” said Kreider. “It feels pretty good to be back on the high school stage. I do plays at the Triple Locks every summer. It’s always nice to get up there and act.”

Kreider plays Col. Mustard in “Clue”.

“Colonel Mustard is less observant than the other guests,” he said about his character. “He’s more concerned with himself than anyone else.”

This will be Graham Beaumont’s seventh production at Coshocton High School. Beaumont is portraying Wadsworth, the butler to Mr. Boddy.

“Wadsworth is known as the butler, but he’s also known as the narrator and moves the show along,” said Beaumont. “He’s a very blunt character and sarcastic and very witty.”

Other cast members include Amanda Kittel as Miss Scarlet, Jenna Stonebraker as Mrs. Peabody, Spencer Wolfe as Professor Plum, Tyler Huston as Mr. Green, Lilly Whitcomb as Yvette, Grace Hawthorne as the cook, Wesley Abbott as Mr. Boddy, Sarah Heading as the motorist, Alexis Caley as the cop, Gwyn Kreider as the singing telegram girl, Teigue Hardesty as the reporter, and Isabella Knicely, Braiden Ford, and the backstage crew as the FBI Agents.

Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for students and are available at the door up to one hour prior to each performance.

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