Coshocton Hospital secures ED doors for patient safety

| February 8, 2013

Coshocton – Patients and visitors of the Coshocton Hospital Emergency Department (ED) will notice an important change beginning Monday, Feb. 11. As of that date, the ED will implement a secure access system designed for the safety, security and uninterrupted emergency care of its patients. The new system limits treatment room access to patients, authorized hospital staff and up to two visitors per patient.

The hospital’s ED treatment area was originally designed with patient rooms located along a u-shaped hallway that allowed push-button entrance through the front entry and unrestricted access through the rear hallway. The new security change involves the addition of bi-fold doors at both the front and rear entrances to the treatment area. Patients will check in with the triage nurse located immediately inside the main ED entrance and will be escorted to a treatment room by an ED nurse as soon as a room is available. As in any emergency room, patients are seen in order of the severity of the patient’s condition. This allows the most life-threatening conditions to be treated quickly within accepted timelines to ensure the best chances for recovery from severe illness or injury.

In addition, visitors will be limited to two per patient at any one time. This allows ample space for physicians and nurses to provide care while recognizing the importance of the support provided by friends or family members. Each patient will be issued two visitor badges; only those visitors wearing badges will be admitted to the treatment area. A visitor telephone is located near the ED entrance. By lifting the receiver, visitors are connected to the unit desk attendant who can provide access according to the patient’s wishes. Internal push-button controls will allow visitors to exit the treatment area as needed.

“We recognize the importance of maintaining the safety of our patients and our employees while providing high quality care in the fast-paced emergency room environment,” said Jason Bryant, director of emergency services. “Patient and employee safety is compromised when anyone can wander in or out of the ED patient bays at will. By limiting access to only those necessary to provide medical care or patient support, we’re able to focus on the immediacy of emergency care in a more private, secure manner for our patients.”

The following is the process patients can expect when arriving at the emergency room:

  • Enter through the main sets of doors into the ED lobby and check in with the triage nurse.
  • The nurse will quickly assess your condition and advise you to wait in the lobby for the ED nurse to escort you. You may be admitted immediately for treatment or you may need to wait; this will depend on the severity of your condition or the volume of patients already waiting for care.
  • Two visitor badges will be issued per patient for visitors to use when requesting entry. Visitors can pick up the telephone receiver located outside the treatment entrance to be connected with the ED unit clerk to request admittance. Visitors will be “buzzed in” as appropriate for the patient.

“The first point of contact for patients will continue to be our triage nurse,” said Bryant. “But our entire staff will happily assist with questions as we introduce this safety enhancement for our patients and employees.”

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