Coshocton Opportunity Schools gives back to the community

| December 14, 2021

Pictured are Brady Allen and Jordan Walters dressing up Main Street. (Tara Gracyk)

On Dec. 13 students and staff from the Coshocton Opportunity School gathered together on Main Street to give back to the community for the second year in a row. After receiving 180 donations, which were double what was received last year, the group was eager to support their community by dressing up Main Street.

Varying sizes of winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves were received, hung on hangers, and placed in plastic bags so that individuals and families in need of winter attire could grab what they needed. Diana McKee, who has been the brains and heart behind the Dress Up Main Street event, humbly expressed gratitude and amazement at how many donations were given this year. She told of how some ladies in the community decided to knit scarves and hats for the event. “One of the ladies came and donated an entire bag of items she had knitted just for this service project,” McKee said.

Superintendent Roger Moore said he was receiving phone calls in September and October from community members wanting to know when the school would be dressing up Main Street. “I am so proud of our kids and their efforts and for Mrs. McKee for heading this up. We are happy to be giving back to our community and to be teaching our kids the importance of giving to the community,” Moore said.

Students were smiling as they went from one tree to the next hanging winter items such as coats, scarves, hats and gloves. One student in particular, Jonathan Dorsey, shared that he loved participating in Dress Up Main Street. “I have loved it. It brings a sense of accomplishment, and you never know when you will be that person in need, so it is great to show support and to give,” he said. Dorsey went on to say, “I love attending the Opportunity School. The school really does give us so many opportunities. We did a lot of trash clean up this year. We cleaned up trash on Cambridge Road, by the water department and at Lake Park. Plus, the school doesn’t just give us opportunities but also provides opportunities for the community. There have been helpful, kind and fun activities throughout the year for the kids at school and for the community to share in.”

The second annual Dress Up Main Street service project by the Coshocton Opportunity School resulted in every tree on Main Street being dressed with coats. This year, since some trees between second and third streets were taken out, the students hung winter attire from trees on and around the court square.

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