Coshocton to hold Trick or Treat Night on Oct. 31

| September 29, 2020

At the Sept. 28 city council meeting held online via Zoom, Mayor Mark Mills announced that he has met with the sheriff’s office and one of the topics discussed was speeding in Coshocton. Mills was pleased to inform other committee and council members that tickets for speeding have started to be issued and will continue to be as long as speeding continues to be an issue in Coshocton. The council also agreed to create an ordinance to allow the speed limit on Otsego Avenue from where the old alternative school used to be all the way to 541 to change from 25 mph to 35 mph. Residents are expected to adhere to the 25 mph speed limit until the change occurs.

Mayor Mills also announced that Trick or Treat in Coshocton will occur on Saturday, Oct. 31 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The announcement about Trick or Treat, along with the Ohio Department of Health’s recommendations for staying safe during Trick or Treat is posted on the City of Coshocton – City Hall Facebook page.

Mills also shared that soon Wi-Fi access and cameras will be installed at Bancroft Park at the Himebaugh Park. Mills advises park users to not litter, vandalize or trash the parks. Every resident is encouraged to utilize the parks but are expected to clean up after themselves.

Service Director Max Crown reminded residents Chestnut Street will be closed between Fourth and Sixth streets for railroad construction beginning Tuesday, Sept. 29. Detour signs will be posted, and drivers are encouraged to exercise patience. Paving in Coshocton is also scheduled to begin within the next few weeks. Public service announcements regarding these will be made on WTNS and the City of Coshocton – City Hall Facebook page.

Also, during the council meeting the issue of vehicles being parked on curbs and front lawns was brought up. Property Code Inspector Jeff Corder shared that when he sees a vehicle parked inappropriately he puts a window tag on the vehicle letting the owner know they need to move their vehicle and has been driving by to assure the vehicle has been moved. Council decided to take a more aggressive approach by having tickets issued for these kinds of parking violations. Therefore, residents in Coshocton who want to avoid a ticket will need to make sure their vehicles are properly parked.

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