Couple celebrates 56 years of marriage

| February 14, 2015
Ron and Pat Beck

Ron and Pat Beck

COSHOCTON – Ron and Pat Beck of Coshocton have spent the last 56 years raising a beautiful family, traveling together, working hard to earn a living, and being completely dedicated and totally in love with one another.

Their story began in high school when Pat, then 14 years old, met Ron, then 17 years old, and the two fell in love. Ron had just moved to Coshocton from Cleveland and Pat thought he was very good looking while Ron thought she was the most beautiful girl in school. The two spent their time going to the Youth Center and the Star Theatre together.

“We liked to dance,” said Pat. “We were good dancers and we won a lot of dance contests. He was always asking me to marry him, even when I was a kid. I guess he just talked me into it.”

The two were united in marriage by Rev. Thomas Phillippe at the Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage on Burt Avenue on Jan. 19, 1959. Pat had just turned 18 the month before, and Ron, who was stationed in Limestone, ME in the Air Force, was granted a 10-day leave to marry his high school sweetheart.  Pat wore a two-piece light blue suit and Ron was dressed in his Air Force uniform.

“I blame her for me not winning the lottery because I used up all my good luck on her,” said Ron.

That night, after hunting everywhere for a motel, the two spent the night in Newcomerstown in a little motel behind the Wagon Wheel Restaurant for $5 a night. Pat remembers she was hungry when they arrived, so Ron walked over to the restaurant and brought back a ham sandwich and milkshake for her.

The two enjoyed every moment they had together as Ron had to return to Limestone shortly after their marriage. Pat flew over on United Airlines to see him on April 15, and not two months later, Ron was shipped overseas to Morocco for 18 months.

“We wrote love letters to each other,” said Pat. “We couldn’t talk or e-mail each other back then. It was really bad because we were so much in love. I think that’s why we’ve lasted so long. We were so much in love and we still are.”

Ron and Pat started their family together on Feb. 4, 1962 when they welcomed their daughter, Brenda Beck, now Brenda Rothenstein, into the world. Their son Richard followed 13 months later on March 21, 1963.

“We had a wonderful family life,” said Ron. “I really enjoyed my kids.”

The Beck family traveled each year to Washington D.C. to visit with Ron’s parents who lived in the nation’s capital. After the kids grew up, Ron’s parents moved to Arizona, so Pat and Ron started making yearly trips out west.

Ron retired at the age of 55 from General Electric after working there 36 years. He briefly worked there after high school, but was laid off after two months. After serving his country in the Air Force, Ron went back to General Electric and retired in 1992.

In addition to their two children, the couple also has four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, all of whom live in the county.

Both have some advice for those just starting out in married life.

“I think it’s important to be true and honest with each other,” said Pat. “Treat each other with respect and have patience and understanding with each other.”

“You’ve got to be in love,” said Ron. “Don’t argue about anything, especially money. It’s okay to argue about a ball game, but not about money. We’ve never had a really big argument. We disagree, but we’ve never had a big argument about anything.”

Each night, before going to sleep, Ron and Pat end the day with three little words that mean so much to them: I love you.

“Before I go to sleep at night, he tells me he loves me,” said Pat. “He thanks me for marrying him and for giving him such a nice family. Then, he gives me a big kiss and we go to sleep.”

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