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“Diamond Dave” strikes gold with one liners at Warsaw Lions Minstrel Show

| November 19, 2012
Diamond Dave thrills audience at Warsaw Lions Show Minstrel Show

Todd Lupher brought back his infamous “Diamond Dave” character for the 2102 Warsaw Lions Minstrel Show to the delight of the audience. Coming straight off of a world wide book signing tour, Diamond Dave threw out more one liners than “Shades of Grey” has sold books. Well, not quite but you get the idea. Diamond Dave is pictured here explaining his new book to the crowd. (Beacon photo by Mark Fortune)


The 2012 Warsaw Lions Minstrel Show is now in the books and with a somewhat sad note, is seeing the end of an era with Interlocutor Jim Bartlett announcing his retirement from the show. Bartlett was presented with a cardboard cutout so he will not really be absent from future shows, a plaque commemorating his service and photos from previous shows.

Show director Jean Haumschild said, when asked what was unique about this year’s show, “There are several things, first of all we have some new people, we have more male soloists than female soloists, our interruptions are in a different direction. I think the music relates to everybody. People have already said, “Wow, this is great.”

Haumschild said that the practices to prepare for the show are “Like a family reunion. A lot of these people I don’t see throughout the year. The first practice we don’t get a lot of practicing done, it’s more of catching up on kids doing what, how many grandchildren, looking at pictures and laughing and things like that. It’s a feel good time. People come back here because it feels good, and it’s fun. Nick (Fischer) always says if you think it’s funny on stage you ought to come to rehearsals, we have a lot of fun.”

She also talked about Jim Bartlett, and his retirement. “I can’t even begin to say what he means to the show. He’s been the interlocutor for years and he is so quick witted, if something isn’t going quite right, he can just cover for us and he’s just so good at doing that. Plus, he’s just a good all around guy. We kid him about not attending too many practices, he usually comes in on dress rehearsal night and that’s the first we see him. He comes in and gives everyone a hug – we are going to miss him so much. He brings so much to our show. He will be a hard person to replace.”

Bartlett received a standing ovation from the Minstrel Show performers and the audience.

The Minstrel Show is the Warsaw Lions Club number one fundraiser of the year. Monies raised from the event go back into the community, support Lions International and collect eyeglasses which are then refurbished for third world countries. A dinner prior to each show provides funds for the River View Community Park

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