Don’t forget to buy your dog tags

| December 31, 2015

COSHOCTON – There are two main reasons not to forget to get your 2016 dog tags. They are required by law, but they also can help protect your dog.

“The number one reason to get them is because you need to follow the law,” said Coshocton County Auditor Chris Sycks, whose office issues tags. “By getting them you avoid fines. If an untagged dog is found you (the owner) are going to pay a lot more than $12. There will be penalties plus possibly court fines.”

She also said tags can help get a lost dog home.

“If the tag is on your dog’s collar and they are picked up and taken to the shelter a licensed dog will be kept longer while they look for the owner,” Sycks said. “The dog warden also can look up the tags and contact the owner right away.”

Her office also can look up tags on a dog’s collar and help someone who might have found a dog locate its owner.

The deadline for purchasing 2016 dog and kennel tags is Jan. 31, 2016. The fee for the 2016 dog licenses is $12 per dog. After the Jan. 31 deadline, a penalty of an additional $12 per dog is added. Kennel tags for anyone breeding or selling dogs are $60, with an additional $60 penalty after the deadline. A penalty shall also be assessed if a dog license is not secured when a dog is acquired, or is brought from outside the state outside of the normal registration period.

“The tag is good for the year in the whole state of Ohio,” Sycks said. “If you move though, when it is time to get a new tag you have to get it from your new county of residence. If you move out of state it might be different. It just depends on the state.”

Other options are three year tags for $36 or permanent tags for $120.

“This is the second or third year for these,” Sycks said. “You don’t really save money on the three year tags. You just don’t have to come in for three years to get them. The permanent tag might be good if you have a puppy that you know is going to be with you 10 years or so.”

Kennel tags can be purchased at TMK in New Bedford or the auditor’s office. Three year, permanent and dangerous tags must be purchased at the auditor’s office. Dog tags can be purchased at: The Coshocton County Auditor’s Office, 349 Main St. or for an additional $0.75 fee at Buehler’s, Woodbury Outfitters, TMK or the Coshocton Animal Shelter, which also does year-round tag sales. For an additional $2 fee, you can get them online at

“The money goes into the dog and kennel fund and the auditor is allowed to request up to 15 percent of the revenue to pay for tags, paper and employees to process them and the rest goes to the dog wardens, their trucks and supplies,” Sycks said.

If you happen to lose your dog tag after you purchase it a new one can be bought for $5. If your dog passes away after you purchase your tag or you sell or give away your dog it is helpful if you let the auditor’s office know.

“After the selling period is complete (dog wardens) Rusty and Ryan will go through the ones not purchased and double check them,” Sycks said. “If you don’t want someone knocking on your door asking about your dog you should let us know what happened to it. If you give it away or sell it, you can have the tags transferred into the new owner’s name (for $5).”

In 2015 alone the county collected $8,088 in late fees from dog tags and $18,561 was collected in fines.

For more information on purchasing dog tags in Coshocton County, visit

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