Easy and inexpensive outdoor decorations for fall

| September 1, 2021

In the last few years, decorating outside for fall has become very popular. The bright colors of fall encourage creativity and decorations don’t have to break your wallet.

Most people think of pumpkins, mums and scarecrows when they think about fall decorations. If you have a large yard, you can easily grow your own pumpkins or plant mums from seeds. Since not everyone has the time or space to do that, the best place to find fall items is often a local farmer’s market. While it may be easier to buy pumpkins from a store, they are often more expensive than visiting a farm stand. Ask friends about local places to visit for pumpkins, gourds, straw bales and mums.

Take a look around your yard and see what you can use. A ladder that held flower pots throughout the summer looks beautiful with small pots of mums and pumpkins on the steps. You can even tie corn stalks to it for a little added decoration.

Use flower pots as pumpkin holders or turn a tomato cage upside down and fill it with different sizes and colors of pumpkins. Tie a burlap bow on the top and you have a decoration that will be perfect from September through November. Spray paint pumpkins for accent colors to match your home. You can also use stencils to make your pumpkins more interesting.

Carve a small hole in the top of a pumpkin and insert a solar light in it. Use hot glue and add fall flowers, leaves or vines around the base of the light. Solar lights can also be used to light up jack o’lanterns safely. Simply carve your pumpkin and insert the solar light. It will light up as soon as it gets dark and you won’t have to worry about children being burned or knocking over the candles.

Carved pumpkins also make beautiful vases for fall flowers. Drill a drainage hole in the bottom of your pumpkin. Drop a flower pot into the pumpkin and add your favorite flowers. It’s better to use a flower pot and let water drain, otherwise your pumpkin will rot quicker. Fill a child’s wagon with large pots of mums and create a scarecrow to sit beside it.

Making scarecrows is fun and easy. The best part is – there is no “right” way for a scarecrow to look. Any old clothes will do. If you want a standing scarecrow, build a wooden cross from scrap wood and dress it. Use a burlap or flour sack for the head. No stuffing is needed. If you prefer to stuff a scarecrow, leaves are a good choice, but old rags will work if you don’t have enough leave. When you are done with the scarecrow, throw everything in the washer and put it away.

When you are ready to decorate for fall, use items you have in creative ways.  Make a decoration for your door by taking the head off of a rake and adding flowers to it. Add fall flowers to a wreath you already have. Paint mason jars and fill them with flowers. The best part of fall decorating is seeing how creative you can be.

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