Eighth graders sing final concert with Coshocton Children’s Choir

| April 16, 2013

COSHOCTON — Eleven eighth grade singers will perform in their final concert with The Coshocton Children’s Choir on Sunday, April 28. The Children’s Choir, sponsored by the Coshocton Community Choir, includes area students in grades four through eight. Charles R. Snyder directs the Children’s Choir.

Singers graduating from the Children’s Choir this season include Triston Conn, MacKenzie Doughty, Jacob Heading, Emma Hildreth, Rachel Lain, Morgan Lawrence, Samantha Mercer, Maggie Myers, Danielle Newman, Davina Stroia, and Karissa Uhling.

MacKenzie Doughty and Morgan Lawrence are eighth graders at River View Junior High and have been in the Children’s Choir for five years.

“My older sister was in this choir,” said Doughty, “and my parents encouraged me to also try out for this group. I have really enjoyed it and love working with Mr. Snyder. I know more in my school choir because of all I learn from him. I have also enjoyed making friends from the other schools.”

Lawrence says she has made many friends in the choir and likes having Snyder as a director.

“Mr. Snyder is great,” she said. “I like the way he teaches us how to sing.”

Danielle Newman is also in eighth grade at River View Junior High. This was her first year to sing in the Children’s Choir.

“This choir offers a really fun opportunity to get together and sing with other kids who like singing,” she said. “I made new friends, too.”

Karissa Uhlig and Rachel Lain are both eighth graders at the Coshocton Christian School. This is Lain’s fifth year in the group. In this upcoming concert, she says her favorite numbers are “Blessing” and “Dreamers”.

“It is nice to sing with other people who can make music sound good,” she said. “It is a great experience to sing in this choir and get to sing challenging music and make harmony.”

Uhlig has been singing in the Children’s Choir for three years and has really enjoyed it.

“I like to sing, and this has been a great choir for me,” she said. “Some of the songs we sing are funny like the one we did last year about the ugly dog. In this upcoming concert, I especially like the songs ‘Blessing’ and ‘Rainbow Valentine.'”

Davina Stroia is a homeschooled eighth grader and has been in the Children’s Choir for five years.

“This is something that is really fun to do,” she said. “I like singing the descants and my favorite number we are singing at this upcoming concert is ‘Witness.'”

Emma Hildreth is in eighth grade at Licking Heights School District and has been in the Children’s Choir for five years.

“The atmosphere that is created in this choir is so warm and inviting,” she said. “It is so nice to be around other people who want to be here and want to sing. I think being involved in this choir has made me a better person by teaching me to be more patient with people.”

Jacob Heading, Maggie Myers, and Triston Conn are all eighth graders at Coshocton High School. This is Triston Conn’s first year to sing in the Children’s Choir and he says he would encourage others considering the choir to try it.

“This has been a good experience,” he said. “I have made friends from other schools and really like getting together each week with my friends and getting to sing. I have really learned a lot in this group about singing.”

Jacob Heading has been in the choir for four years and says being in this group really helps excel your musical abilities.

“I have made different friends in this choir and the music is good,” he said. “We get to sing many new numbers every year.”

Maggie Myers has been in the choir for five years.

“I enjoy the singing in this choir,” she said. “Mr. Snyder is so good at what he does and I have learned a lot from him by being involved in this group. In this upcoming concert, I am looking forward to singing ‘Witness’ and ‘Dreamers.'”

The Coshocton Children’s Choir will perform during the Coshocton Community Choir’s Spring Concert ‘Make a Joyful Noise’ at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 28, at Coshocton High School’s McKinley Auditorium. Due to the construction at Coshocton High School, the best route to enter for parking is to take Denman Avenue to South 14th Street to Sleepy Hollow Drive to access the CHS parking lots.

The concert will feature the adult choir, the Children’s Choir, and the Youth Chorale. Tickets for the ‘Make a Joyful Noise’ concert are $10 for adults and $5 for students and are available at the door, on the choir website www.CoshoctonCommunityChoir.org or by calling Business Manager Lee Bown at 622-3960.

Tickets are also available at these presale ticket outlets: Liberty House in Roscoe Village; Good News Book Store, Buehler’s Foodmarket, and Marilyn’s Natural Foods in Coshocton; Home Loan Savings Bank in West Lafayette; and Baker’s Foods in Newcomerstown.

For information, contact the Coshocton Community Choir at 623-0554 or find them on Facebook and at www.CoshoctonCommunityChoir.org.

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