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Emerson honored at county fair

| September 30, 2017

COSHOCTON Royce Emerson, who has served as a deputy with the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office for 58 and one half years was honored during the opening ceremony of the 166th annual Coshocton County Fair on Saturday morning, Sept. 30. Sheriff Tim Rogers said, “During that time he has never missed a county fair. He is here serving our community and protecting our citizens. He is dedicated to the uniform, is loyal to the citizens and is committed to the Sheriff’s Office. When I need something Royce is there. If there is something that needs taken care of at the Sheriff’s Office and there is no one else, I call Royce. He drops what he is doing and picks up what needs done and takes care of it. That kind of dedication to the citizen is unheard of.”

“We do believe, but it has not been confirmed yet, that he is the longest serving deputy sheriff in the country.”

Emerson said, “It all started on April 1, 1959. I was asked about joining the Sheriff’s Auxiliary. I served under Sheriff Bill Hoop, then Sheriff Dave Corbett, and now Sheriff Rogers. It was an honor to serve under all three of these Sheriff’s, they’re terrific. They treat me so good and they care about the county. I have 58 and one half years and I plan to stay maybe a little bit longer. We will see if the Good Lord keeps me standing tall. We have a good department, the male and the female deputy’s, I love ‘em all. Thank you.”

Emerson received a standing ovation from the large crowd gathered at the Rotary Pavilion and was presented with a commemorative clock from Jon Ianniello of the Jon Ianniello Farmers Insurance Agency.

Emerson said of the recognition, “It was a surprise. They surprised me. I have worked for three good Sheriff’s. We have a good department. I love this weather and I enjoy the fair. I like to do this, I work a lot at the hospital and if they need things done, I just go do it. We have a good county, a beautiful fair. I treat everyone the same. I’m their friend.”

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