Fall Fatherhood Festival held at Clary Gardens

| November 1, 2021

The Coshocton County Fatherhood Initiative sponsored a Fall Fatherhood Festival on Oct. 30 at Clary Gardens with trick or treat, food, live music, costumes and scarecrows along with helpful information for people about such things as jobs and child support. Dads and father figures were encouraged to bring the whole family for an afternoon of fun.

Clary Gardens Executive Director Jandi Adams said, “We are excited to be hosting this for the fatherhood initiative. They are a great group of people. They do a lot for the community. A lot of people have never been here, and it gives them a chance to see the gardens and all of the fall decorations. We have pumpkin painting and a rock hunt up on the hill and through the woodlands. The rocks are painted different colors with a puzzle piece on them and if you find a white or gold rock they can get some pretty darn good prizes.”

Fatherhood initiative volunteer Ed Gallagher was busy at the popcorn machine. “We did this last year with just the rock hunt and we added a few more things this year. We have done other activities in the past like parties for fathers and their families at the Himebaugh Park. It’s a nice day. We thought it might rain but it’s holding off until later.”

Leondra Davis with juvenile court was on hand with helpful information and enjoying the people that came out for the event. “We have trick or treat, Halloween pumpkins and a rock hunt,” she said. “If you find a white rock you get a door prize but if you find a gold rock you get an even better door prize.”

Kelsy Able attended with her sons Rory dressed as the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Sawyer a red dragon. “I wanted to come out and support the fatherhood initiative group,” she said. “What they do is really great.”

Don Daugherty was with his grandson who liked the candy and getting his picture taken and he hoped to find a white rock.

The McIntire family which included four sons said they had never been to Clary Gardens. So far they liked going to the different booths and planned to walk up the hill and look for rocks.

Participants in the event included the OSU Extension Office, Pomerene Center for the Arts, Papa Johns, Roscoe UMC, Fanatics, Ohio Means Jobs, the county child support department, Help Me Grow, juvenile court, and Allwell.


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