First day of school can create anxiety for kids and parents

| August 24, 2015

COSHOCTON – It’s back to school time and with that can sometimes come the anxiety and stress of starting a new school year, especially if your child is transitioning from elementary to junior high or junior high to high school.

“Be prepared,” said Sheila Mayse, owner and therapist at MSW Solutions. “Being prepared, just like with anything new, can help relieve anxiety. If you can, go to the school, check out the classrooms, and meet with the teachers.”

Mayse also suggested parents become involved with problem-solving for kids who may be uneasy about starting a new school year.

“Parents should problem-solve with their kids,” she said. “Come up with different scenarios about if this happens, what could you do, so that the kids have more confidence when faced with different situations.”

She also said that allowing your kids to express their fears can be beneficial to them.

“Fears are completely normal with every new experience,” she said.

The night before, make sure your child gets plenty of rest and send them off the next morning with a healthy, energizing breakfast.

She also stressed the idea of finding positives to look forward to during the school year.

“For older kids, it could be a first dance or a first big game,” she said. “For younger kids, it could be the first Friday of the year where you can talk about the week.”

Mayse also gave suggestions on parents who may be sending their kids off to college for the first time and may be experiencing anxiety as a result.

“Any transition in life can create anxiety,” she said. “For parents, it’s the same for the kids. Go to the college and check out their dorm room or apartment. See where they’ll be studying and spending their time. Check in with your kid as frequently as you can. Look forward to that first holiday where your kid can come home.”

She wants to remind parents that this is also an exciting time for parents with college-aged kids as they can now explore new interests and do the things they’ve always wanted to do.

“This is a transitional time for you too,” she said. “Explore many new interests you’ve always wanted to do.”

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