Florists offer variety of arrangements for Valentine’s Day

| February 7, 2013

COSHOCTON – Times may have changed with different trends and fashions, but one thing has always remained the same: a beautiful vase of red roses on Valentine’s Day. According to Ed Kiefer, owner of Kiefer’s Florist located in Roscoe Village at 381 Hill Street, red roses are still the biggest seller for this special holiday.

Roma Vance, owner of Roma’s Gifts and Florist at 333 Main St, agrees with Kiefer.

“Roses are still the number one and carnations are still very popular,” said Vance. “Roses don’t have to be red. White roses tipped in red are very beautiful. There are different varieties of roses to choose from.”

Although the red roses are still the most popular for Valentine’s Day, some of the trends for floral displays have been changing. Linnet Lowe, owner of Linnet’s Flowers on the Square, located at 248 Main St., said that the latest trend is to go with a vase arrangement with loose stems rather than in floral foam. Buehler’s florist department, which is located at 830 S. 2nd St., has been playing with their flower arrangements to look like animals and have created wine glass arrangements.

“We expect both of those to sell really well this year,” said Sharlene Hagans, flower shop manager at Buehler’s.

“We can make anything that they would like,” said Denise Nine, store manager.

Buehler’s also has a popular item for the men in your life this Valentine’s Day: beer buckets, which feature bottled beer, candied nuts, and more.

Vance is also considering something new for this Valentine’s Day called a candle flower arrangement where flowers are arranged in foam inside the lid of a candle. Not only would you have sweet-smelling flowers, but a candle to enjoy long after the flowers are gone. She also offers silk arrangements for those who may have allergies to flowers.

Valentine’s Day is the biggest single-sales day of the year for florists as compared to the Christmas season or Mother’s Day when florists have more time to deliver their orders.

“Valentine’s Day is the biggest single holiday because if you don’t have your orders delivered on Valentine’s Day, there’s no ‘next day’ to deliver,” said Kiefer.

Kiefer also strongly suggest that customers order early. Customers can visit local florists to make their selection, call in their order, or go online to their websites.

“There’s pros and cons to technology,” said Kiefer. “It exposes more people to your product. The down side is, they proceed to think that the florist is going to have those flowers that day, and that’s not always the case.”

“It helps with people who are visual and like to see what they’re getting,” said Lowe. “However, there might be something we have in the shop we don’t have online. Some people like to come in and smell. If you want your senses to come alive, you need to come into the shop.”

All four local florists offer a chance for people to have their flowers delivered from a personal vase that customers supply or have heirlooms, jewelry, or even lottery tickets attached to the floral arrangement.

“We’re here to serve our customers,” said Vance. “It’s whatever suits the person’s preference.”

Both Lowe and Kiefer said that their flowers come from all over the world: Canada, Holland, South America, just to name a few. Flowers are always guaranteed to be fresh when delivered.

“If you don’t think there’s love in the world, come into my shop and you’ll see the difference,” said Lowe. “Valentine’s Day offers a time for people to say I Love You. It presents that opportunity for people and we like to make it fun and easy.”

Contact your local florists at:

– Buehler’s Foods, 830 S. 2nd St, Coshocton, 622-2261, Denise Nine, Store Manager

– Kiefer’s Florist, 381 Hill St, Coshocton, 622-3993, Ed Kiefer, owner

– Linnet’s Flowers on the Square, 248 Main St, Coshocton, 622-5171, Linnet Lowe, owner

– Roma’s Gifts and Florist, 333 Main St, Coshocton, 623-0028, Roma Vance, owner

[email protected]

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