Garden Club Flower Show results announced

| October 7, 2015

COSHOCTON – The Garden Club Flower Show has announced their results at this year’s Coshocton County Fair. The theme this year was “The Pleasures of the Garden”.

In the Artistic Designs category, Carol Lawless received Best of Show; second best of show went to Karen Andrews. Andrews also received Judge’s Choice.

Winners in each group in the Artistic Design category are as follows: Song of the Wind Chimes – vertical design, Sandy McCullough; Dancing Fountain Mist – design showing water, Karen Andrews; Nap Under the Old Shade Tree – design incorporating wood, Carol Lawless; Secret Place Behind the Garden Gate – transparency design, Karen Andrews; Surprise by a Grasshopper’s Jump – foliage design, any color, no flowers – Alice Hoover; Cool Drink from the Garden Hose – tubular design, Ed Kiefer; Butterfly Mornings, Wildflower Afternoons – design’s choice, Carol Lawless; Hands in the Dirt – design featuring garden tools, Juanita Miller; Little Creatures – design under 5 inches, Carol Lawless; Curious Chipmunk – design over 5 inches, under 8 inches, Dick Hoover; Wreath, Dick Hoover; Container Garden, Renee Wilden; Gourds, Judy Boyd; Herbal Nosegay, Ed Kiefer.

In the Horticulture category, Steve Miller received Best of Show; second best of show went to Phyllis Debnar. Becky Alford received Judge’s Choice.

The following received first place in each group of the horticulture category: Rose: Tea Rose – Becky Alford; Floribunda Rose – Sandy McCullough; and Rose, any other – Judi Norris.

Annuals: Marigold large flowered, yellow – Juanita Miller; Marigold, spray – Judi Norris; Celosia, plumed – Becky Alford; Celosia, crested – Becky Alford; Cosmos – Renee Wilden; Zinnia – Judy Boyd; Petunia – Dick Boyd; Any other annual round, spike, or spray form – Becky Alford.

Perennials: Sedum – Renee Wilden; Chrysanthemum, spray – Renee Wilden, Juanita Miller; Rudbeckia – Dick Hoover; Any round, spike, or spray form perennial – Phyllis Debnar; Asters, one stem – Steve Miller.

Dahlia: Decorative 6 inch – 10 inch bloom – Becky Alford; Decorative 4 inch – 6 inch bloom – Becky Alford; Cactus – Becky Alford; Ball – Becky Alford; Pompom – Becky Alford; Any other single bloom – Becky Alford.

Foliage Only, Annuals and Perennials: Coleus – Becky Alford, Phyllis Debnar, and Karen Andrews; Hosta – Steve Miller, Ed Kiefer, and Judi Norris; Caladium – Judy Boyd.

Blooming Shrubs: Hydrangea – Sandy McCullough; Butterfly Bush – Renee Wilden; Any other variety – Ed Kiefer.

Broadleaf Evergreens, Needled Evergreens 18 inches or less, Grasses, Herbs: Berried Shrubs – Steve Miller; Needled Evergreens – Lewis Norris; Holly – Judi Norris; Small Grasses – Judi Norris; Medium Grasses – Phyllis Debnar; Large Grasses – Renee Wilden; Herbs, any variety, one stem – Judi Norris.

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