Gibbs supporting troops in training, combat, and post-deployment

| November 15, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – The House passed the conference report agreed to by the House and Senate on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Tuesday, Nov. 14. NDAA supports the Department of Defense’s missions, reforms purchasing processes, strengthens auditing oversight, and ensures our military’s readiness by increasing the size of the military with significant investment in vehicle repair and maintenance. A long overdue 2.4 percent pay raise for our troops is also included in NDAA.

Addressing the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, the NDAA authorizes the funding and procurement for missile interceptor systems and invests in supplies and joint training exercises in the region.

“We live in a complex and dangerous world,” said Congressman Bob Gibbs. “The nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran threaten to destabilize entire regions and menace our allies. A large and robust American military is necessary to deter aggressive action and confront it in the event of conflict. The men and women of our military need support during training, in combat, and after deployment.  That’s why this NDAA provides the resources necessary to rebuild our facilities and force strength, focus on military readiness, and bolster health care for our troops and their families.”

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