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Gibbs votes against increased spending

| December 18, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the vote this morning on the Omnibus, Congressman Bob Gibbs released the following statement:

“The spending bill the House voted on this morning fell far short of my expectations and is another example of a broken process that leaves Americans in the dark in the legislative process.  Important legislation like this should be crafted out in the open, allowing committees to work under regular order.  These last minute deals introduced in the middle of the night do a great disservice to the American people.  We cannot continue to govern from deadline to deadline and be held hostage by an arbitrary, self-imposed 60-vote rule in the Senate.

“The increase in federal spending, the inclusion of funding for Syrian refugees without stringent background checks, and the lack of one of my top priorities to defund the EPA’s Waters of the United States rule led me to vote against this bill.  A GAO report released earlier this week revealed the EPA broke the law in promoting its flawed WOTUS rule.  Such illegal actions should not be rewarded.  Additionally, key provisions to limit the EPA’s power plant rules and to stop Planned Parenthood funding were not included.

“We cannot continue down this path of increased spending, larger deficits and legislative work being conducted behind closed doors.  Congress must listen to our constituents and we must get our fiscal house in order.”

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