Gibbs votes to protect religious convictions

| July 14, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC – The ability of health care professionals to refuse to participate in abortions got a boost today as the House of Representatives voted to pass the Conscience Protection Act. Recent evidence has shown the Obama Administration unwilling to enforce what is known as the Weldon Amendment, which prevents federal agencies or state and local governments receiving federal funds from discriminating against health care professionals or institutions from participating in an abortion.  The Conscience Protection Act sets this right to refusal into law and provides new options for medical professionals by allowing those to sue in court rather than relying on the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which has clearly failed to uphold the intentions of the Weldon Amendment.

After voting in favor of the legislation, Congressman Bob Gibbs released the following statement:

“One of the many things that makes America a truly exceptional nation is our principle that no government agency should force anyone to violate their deeply-held beliefs.  For many years, amendments to annual spending bills helped reinforce this by protecting those who refuse to participate in abortions. But with the Obama Administration’s increasing willingness to bend the rule of law to fit their agenda, it has become necessary to defend healthcare professionals against reprisal and intimidation if they choose to not assist with or conduct an abortion.  The House’s vote today gives those willing to exercise their beliefs the option of using the court system if their employment is in jeopardy, instead of being at the mercy of a government bureaucracy.  It is critical that we not only protect the unborn, but protect those whose livelihoods may be at stake for providing that protection.”


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