Grab some bottled water – and donuts!

| March 17, 2020

Are we on the brink of the apocalypse? I don’t think so, but you would not know it by gauging the store shelves – empty – the shutting down of schools, sporting events and more. Is the government taking the necessary – or too many – risks?

I think we need to step back a moment and take a good look at the reasons behind the precautions. The best website that you can visit would be the CDC – to get the true information and facts about this virus. It is not the Spanish flu that killed millions following World War I.

The website for the Centers for Disease Control is pretty simple – You can find out more about COVID-19 from the horse’s mouth – so to speak – versus the latest Facebook hoax.

Looking at a global map of confirmed cases around the world as I write this column on Friday morning, March 13, shows that most countries are affected with Alaska and most of Africa still not impacted. Yes, even the small nation of Liechtenstein is affected.

As of today (Friday, March 13) the U.S. has 1,215 total cases with 36 deaths. Forty-two states and the District of Columbia are impacted. However, the CDC and news are also reporting that there are people infected but they just do not know it or have passed it off as a slight fever, cold, or the flu.

Let’s be cautious, wash your hands often, be careful when opening doors in public locations, and follow the guidelines issued by government officials. But let’s not panic. I think that our elected officials at all levels of government are doing everything they can to prevent this from having a more widespread impact. Let’s listen to their advice and be respectful of the decisions that are made.

Let’s remember what the end goal is as well – slow the spread of the virus down – and keep it from becoming a pandemic.

Now let’s talk about our own community and some of the things all of us can do to help our locally owned businesses through this period – some have suggested buying gift certificates from restaurants and shops that can be used throughout the year – that is a great one! Support the Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce by participating in the chamber auction – you can bid online at to log on to the auction website. You can bid through Saturday, March 21 at noon.

We all know about rushing out to buy bottled water, toilet paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, some rice and all that – but what about just picking up some pastries at a local bakery, some sandwiches at a deli, getting take-out from your favorite restaurant or two, or three, some more donuts, pie, cake and more sweets! Everyone knows that during stressful times we tend to crave sweets and salty snacks! Grab a bag of pretzels and watch something wholesome with the family, a friend, yourself or a neighbor. Gosh forbid, maybe even play some cards or dust off the old battleship or monopoly game. You just might enjoy it. And say some prayers that this will get under control so we can return to some sense of normal. Thanks. Gotta go get some donuts!

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