Grier, Mishler and Pell elected to city council

| November 6, 2013

COSHOCTON Incumbent Tom Grier was handily re-elected to his city council at large seat with unofficial results reported at the board of elections on Tuesday night. Glenn Mishler and Bob Pell were also voted in by Coshocton city residents to the two remaining at large seats. Five candidates were vying for three positions on city council; Tom Grier, Glenn Mishler, Bob Pell, Shane Pyle and Mike Cichon.

Mishler said, “I am on top of the world. It’s very rewarding; the people who helped me get to this position have been terrific both with their hard work and their encouragement and support. There are so many people I would like to thank that I can’t because I would overlook somebody.”

When asked what he thought was one of the most pressing issues facing the city of Coshocton right now, Mishler responded, “Obviously jobs and employment is the most pressing issue but there is very little that a councilman can do about that. The street levy going down is a disappointment. I honestly did not expect it to pass but the fact that it lost by so few votes is very discouraging.”

Bob Pell was also elected to a council-at-large seat. Pell said, “I feel pretty good. I was just hoping to slip in basically to the third spot and that worked out. I’ m excited and ready to get going.”

Pell said when asked what he thought one of the most pressing issues facing the city of Coshocton is, “I’m disappointed about the street levy. I don’t know that it’s the most pressing issue but I’m disappointed about the street levy obviously. I guess the most pressing is just making sure that we get the most out of our expenditures as far as services to the citizens and keeping a tight rein on spending until we can figure out a way to get some additional tax revenues in – I’m not talking about raising taxes certainly, hopefully more jobs with more people paying taxes would be the answer.”

Pell, who has a background in accounting, said of his prior experience, “I think budgeting, I have quite a bit of experience in industry as far as looking at budgets and that sort of thing, and running a business of my own, you’re always looking at the bottom line and I think that’s what the citizens want. They want to make sure they’re getting a good value for their tax dollar and the services that they’re receiving and just making sure that we’re not doing anything extravagant. We want to take care of issues as they come up and I certainly want to be responsive to the citizens when they have a concern or an idea, hopefully of something we can do better.”

In other city council races, unopposed incumbents Jackie Salmans, Bob Fetters and Brad Fuller were re-elected to their respective ward seats.

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